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Sunday, November 6, 2016

ARC Review: Necessary Evil by Jamie K. Schmidt

This is my first book by this author.  I picked it up because it had hints of MC romance in it and I love an MC romance. My overall impression of the book is that the author definitely has some skill at putting together a story and building characters. In the end, the book was good and not great because I just felt like there was too much going on. All the action and intrigue detracted from the relationship between the main characters and at the end of the day, that is what we read these books for.

Lucy is a criminal defense attorney with a criminal brother and a serious attraction to an ex-cop turned vigilante- Evil. Right from the beginning of the book, I got the feeling that the author was trying to do too many things at once. There was the story of what happened with Lucy's brother in the past. There was an issue with Lucy and all the cops who hated her. We also learn about cases that Lucy has and other criminals that Evil is chasing down. Then there was the situation between Lucy and Evil and the way it developed and then fizzled. I felt like I was at a tennis match with two people who can't play for shit. The ball was bouncing all over the place and I was getting whiplash trying to follow it.

The book really does get a little more focused about half way through the story. It's hard to get that far into a book without being drawn into the main characters so that's an issue. The weird thing is that I like Evil as a character and I like Lucy separate from him. The problem is that there wasn't really a point in the book where I got into the two of them being together. The other thing is that while the author developed all these different story lines, there are really no surprises in this book. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. We all need a little predictability in our lives. It was just weird because it seemed like the author was building tension into the plot and it kind of does not go anywhere.

I'm torn about whether I would recommend this book.  It was entertaining. There are some good steamy scenes. It just need s a little more smoothing out of the plot. I would read more works by this author though.

**ARC provided by publisher**

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