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Saturday, December 17, 2016

ARC Review: Fix You by Carrie Elks

Fix You is my first book by Carrie Elks, but this one really appealed to me from the blurb. I love second chance love stories, and I also really love to torture myself with angsty books, so this one sounded right up my alley. I have to admit that while I didn't dislike it, I didn't love it. I had a few issues with the story itself and with the characters.

When Hanna met Richard at a party, they were instantly drawn to one another despite their differences. But as they get to know one another, their connection and attraction only grows. Just as it appears that they are finally on the right track with one another, everything changes and the two are left to deal with the consequences of their actions. As the two find themselves thrown together once more, Hanna changes everything with a secret that Richard never expected. But has too much happened for them to find their way back to one another, or will they finally be able to get on the same page and have the future together that they both have dreamed of?

It wasn't that I didn't like the characters here, because I did. I also felt like they had a great connection and strong chemistry. My problem comes in with the fact that these two who supposedly knew each other so well and had this strong connection did not seem to know how to communicate at all. Unfortunately lack of communication seems to be popular in romance novels as of late, but these two took it to a completely different level. They made assumptions and believed others over each other without even thinking to just go straight to the source. They also did the back and forth thing a bit too much as their lives continue to cross one another's path the whole way through. As much as I wanted to read and see what would happen, I also found myself not fully invested because they just never seemed to get their shit together.

I also had some issues with the story itself, and that was what ultimately kept me from being able to fully enjoy this one. The author seemed a bit all over the place with the timeline, and it was hard to keep up with the constant and random jumps in time. We not only saw past and present, but there seemed to be no rhyme or reason for what we got. Things might skip months or years at a time, but then would shift by a a day or less. It was disjointed and hard to keep straight. The pacing was off here for me, with it often dragging in parts and then abruptly shifting in others. 

It also felt like the author tried to throw everything and the kitchen sink at this story. I understand referencing real life events or people to anchor the story and timeline, but it just felt way overboard here with the things that were brought up and they really had nothing to do with the story. We didn't need the Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson Superbowl wardrobe malfunction, Foot and Mouth Disease, 9/11, Mortgage Crisis and Harry Potter mentions to relate to this story. Most times they didn't add anything and just distracted me from what should have been happening between these two. I would have liked more on Richard and Hanna and less on things that we are well aware happened in real life. This book just felt like an unfocused mess, with the author and story being all over the place. Once we get toward about the 2/3 to 3/4 point, things seemed to suddenly shift with the story being sweet and drama free. We were given multiple scenes that all felt a bit too similar and pointless as Hanna introduces everyone to her son. It was like the author just didn't know what to do at that point and felt like we needed to see all these interactions when really they didn't serve any purpose. It was repetitive and felt forced and at that point I just wanted it to be over. This story had so much potential, and it just didn't live up to it at all for me. Like I said before, I did like them together and felt their connection. But the issues I had with the story and with Hanna and Richard themselves kept me from truly enjoying this one. If it sounds like something you might like, you might give it a shot. However this one just wasn't for me.

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