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Saturday, December 17, 2016

ARC Review: Hunt the Dawn by Abbie Roads

I’ve fallen in love once again. This time, my heart grew wings and took flight with the latest installment in the Fatal Dreams Series by Abbie Roads: Hunt the Dawn. A story filled with beauty, desire, heart, hope, light, and love is also a feat of complexity bleeding with fright, hate, horror, intensity, malevolence, and twisted perversion. Once again, the author created a masterpiece overflowing with every single emotion one can feel. Again, I can say that a novel has affected me so deeply that I find myself at a loss for what to read next.

Lathan as the hero of the story will from this point on hold a special place in my heart and in my soul. He is a man bearing his aura, his heart, and his pain on the outside physically while holding himself at arm’s length from the world around him. He is gentle and honest and refreshing in his demeanor as the main character.  He is also intelligent, logical, and sharp despite his unusual capabilities, or perhaps is even more so because of them which makes him utter perfection in my eyes.

The damage that was inflicted upon him as a young man provided him with a unique ability, one that allows him to determine, sense, and track the evil that is ever present among us. He can smell, see, and taste the emotions and experiences of friends and strangers alike. The tragic childhood he suffered through, and unspeakable violence thrust upon him has caused him to seek solitude despite being a top agent of the FBI. As he embarks on a journey to stop The Strategist, a serial killer who he has personally linked to over 30 cold cases, he also finds the love of his life.

Evanee Brown is beautifully broken after enduring a childhood and young adulthood as a victim of abuse, rape, and violence. Those that were supposed to spend their life providing her with comfort, love, and support are nothing but monsters. She attempted to flee her former nightmare by running into the arms of someone powerful once, but was left to the wolves. Determined to be invisible, to be free from her family, she is on the run. Living in squalor, working in a place considered to be of ill-repute to earn enough money to disappear forever in hopes of finding security. When her former source of torment locates her, Lathan crashes into her life in an unexpected twist of fate that not only grants her protection and safety, but ecstasy and love as well.

As Lathan offers his faith, kindness, and solace in a world of darkness, Evanee becomes a beacon of hope to his tortured soul. They heal one another while peeling away the layers of grief in a time of madness. Their chemistry and love will ravish your senses and leave tingles in your heart as it flutters helplessly. Even in times of pulse-pounding and earth-shattering fear, when all may be lost as the past attempts to tear them apart and a psychotic killer threatens death, you will treasure this story. Lathan and Evanee as a couple, are the likes of which will take your breath away willingly.

This novel is everything anyone could want with its intricate plot and insane genius. With every turn of the page, one is left with the compulsive need to read further. Action, beauty, disbelief, disgust, heartache, love, murder, pain, romance, sex, terror, and tragedy intertwine and set the pages on fire with emotional upheaval. Abbie Roads is a force of captivating wonder in her ability to not only write heroes and heroines with such strength of character, but also to write deranged villains that I can empathize with as I begin to unravel the patterns lining the creation of their woven blanket of crazy. When one can literally uncover negative and positive feelings where there shouldn’t be one or the other depending on the situation, there is a fascinating level of talent found in such a piece of literature. I am reminded once again of the enchantment of the written word because of this story, and I hope that you will read it in the future.

**ARC provided by Author**

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