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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ARC Review: Love Rehab by Louise Bay

I really love Louise Bay's books, and at this point I don't even read the blurbs anymore. She has never let me down yet, so when I see something with her name on it I know I am going to read it. Not only does Love Rehab have a gorgeous cover, but the story itself is just as beautiful. This one was sweet and heartwarming and I really enjoyed it.

After her third engagement ends with yet another fiancĂ© dumping her before the wedding, Mackenzie heads with her two best friends from Boston for a love rehab retreat in Oklahoma. She hopes to learn what it is about her that makes men fall out of love with her so easily. But what she never expects is to meet and fall for sexy "uncowboy" Blake McKenna. But with Blake living in Oklahoma and Mackenzie soon headed back to Boston, will they find a future together or will Mackenzie be alone once again? 

I really liked both Blake and Mackenzie. Both were struggling with where their lives were headed and had things that they needed to work on or decide. I loved that they helped each other out by listening and being there for one another. They had a great connection right off, and I really enjoyed seeing that deepen the more they got to know one another. They were exactly what each of them needed and I loved them together. They also had really strong chemistry and I loved the heat between them. 

I will say that while I really enjoyed this story, things were a bit on the cheesy side at times with this being a very sweet story. While I enjoy a sweet and heartwarming romance, this one was a bit too sweet at times for me. I liked the characters, but things got a little too self-help at times and there were some overly harsh things said by Mackenzie's best friends at times. It just felt a bit forced and didn't seem to fit at times. I still really liked the book though, and Louise Bay is one of my go-to authors for great contemporary romance stories. If you are looking for something sweet and heartwarming, this is definitely one worth checking out.

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