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Sunday, April 2, 2017

ARC Review: Crossroads by Chantal Fernando

I've read most of the books in the Wind Dragons series.  In fact, I think I've only missed one. I enjoyed the early entries in the series a great deal but as time has gone on the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club has changed pretty drastically. The change in the MC has changed the way the romances are framed and I think at this point, the series has just run its course. There is nothing terribly wrong with this book but there is nothing special that really set this series apart when it started. It's just kind of an easy and forgettable read. 

This book is Ranger's story. You might remember Ranger if you read previous entries in the series because Ranger showed up in one of the earlier books. Ranger is a patch over from the Wild Men MC. Both he and Talon (another character from past books) became a part of the Wind Dragons when things with the Wild Men fell to crap. The thing is, Ranger joined Wild Men early on and it was connected to his identity. Joining a new club after years in another one has left him feeling adrift and isolated. Faye, the previous First Lady of the Wind Dragons and club lawyer ask Ranger to help her find a missing girl. For me, this is where everything started drifting left.

From the time Faye ask Ranger to help find the missing girl, shit just stops being believable. The girl who is missing is the cousin of a local cop, Jo. From the time Ranger meets Jo, sparks start flying left and right. When he finds out he is going to be working with Jo to find her cousin that just seems like an added bonus. It turns out Ranger knows Jo's cousin from years back and eventually things get complicated in ways I won't tell you because I don't want to spoil anything. What I will tell you is that, the whole cousin subplot did nothing for me. The way Ranger and Jo handled it was dumb as hell and I gave myself a headache rolling my eyes at the shenanigans.  

Jo is a cop so there are issues with her dating an outlaw biker. Jo and Ranger fall way deep in love though and both of them are willing to give up anything to be together. I don't know, it was just whatever. I liked Ranger and Jo together but there was nothing that made me feel particularly connected to them or their relationship. I also did not like the way things eventually worked out with Ranger and the club. I just don't read MC novels for things to go in that direction. If you haven't read any other wind dragons books, I definitely don't think you should make this your first one. There are better books in the series but its probably time to wrap the series up now.

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