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Saturday, April 8, 2017

ARC Review: Immortal Unchained by Lynsay Sands

TWENTY-FIVE BOOKS!! I don’t think I have stuck with a series as long as I have this one. The Argeneau series is still going strong and still you’re able to read the book as a stand-alone. As enormous as this family is it is easy to lose track of whose who but in each book it is explained who the important people are each time from book to book it never feels redundant. (But then again I haven’t binge read these yet.) There is an overall story arc in the last couple of books, a mystery the Argeneau’s are trying to solve. This time they are closer than ever. Domitian knows the mad scientist that is behind the disappearances of the immortals and against Lucian’s wishes he accepts a job offer by the man. Unfortunately Lucian was right it was a trap and now Domitian is trapped on an island at the whim of the mad scientist and the experiment he’s being forced to endure. Well it is not really that much of a trial he is there with the one woman who is destined to be his life mate. 

Sarita knew one thing when she was growing up that she would be a police officer. The brutal death of her mother set her on a course of being a strong woman, physically and mentally. When she is contacted by her grandmother’s employer she rushes down to Venezuela and when she gets there she discovers that her grandmother’s employer lured her there as a trap for Domitian and now she trapped on a tiny island off the Venezuelan coast with the shocking knowledge that the world has vampire like immortals and she is a life mate, the one and only person who is a perfect match physically and mentally for Domitian. There is an unsettling reason behind this mad scientist experiment with Domitian and Sarita they don’t know why yet but they aren’t going to take it laying down. Sarita’s instinct as a police officer has her planning and plotting a way off the island, and Domitian protective instinct has him risking his life to protect his Sarita. 

Overall, this was a great addition to the Argeneau series. Love Domitian and Sarita. It’s a rollercoaster ride exciting and erotic. Domitian is so freakin’ sweet.       
**ARC provided by Publisher**

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