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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ARC Review: The Hangman by Mary Burton

The Forgotten Files book three, Mary Burton does an excellent job making each book part of the overall series yet making it completely a standalone. The connection between all the books is the fact that cold cases are being revived. Julia Vargas is more like her father than she thinks, she knew deep down that her father couldn’t be the Hangman nor could he commit suicide before solving the case. Julia is now in a position to finish what her father started with the help of Shield Security and Garrett Andrews. It’s also the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Hangman deaths; in 1992 three women were strung up in rope and slowly murdered but after the death of Jim Vargas the deaths stopped rumors ran rampant that Jim was the Hangman. Julia and her father’s old partner plan to prove Jim wasn’t the Hangman. Taking all the evidence to Andrews and Shield Security they both hope to find new evidence to point to a new different suspect.

Tobias Novak is a homicide detective his newest case is an old murder, twenty-five year old murder, a woman was found in the same manner the of the Hangman deaths. He brought in Julia because the victim had a picture of Julia and her father in her wallet. Novak and Julia know each other they have been sleeping with each other off and one for a short time and Novak has already started to fall for Julia. Julia after dealing with her childhood and who her father was and was accused of not to mention she use to be under cover and dealt with a really bad assault while trying to crack a case, she is unsure how to deal with being in a relationship let alone letting herself care for someone. The discovery of the old body raises all sorts of question about Julia’s father and she discovers he wasn’t quite the man she knew. Days later another body is discovered someone connected to Julia. With the advancement in technology Andrews, Novak and Julia are all able to put the pieces together as past and present merge and more bodies show up in the same manner as the Hangman. Novak and Julia must find out if it’s a copycat or if the Hangman has come back after all these years. 

Overall, it’s a satisfying story, exciting, with a nice twist at the end. The romance takes a second seat to the suspense and works at a slow pace but has a very gratifying ending.    

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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