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Sunday, April 23, 2017

ARC Review: His Alone by Alexa Riley

I don't know what happened here but I was really really bored with this book and somewhat confused by it. This is part 2 in a series and it's supposed to be a standalone but maybe it's not because I just could not pick up the thread on the plot. I felt like maybe if I had read part 1 I would have been able to get into this one but after reading this there is zero chance I would go back and read part 1.

Paige is on some mission to get back at her Father for killing her Mother at some point in the past. She's been plotting this grand revenge for years only she has no actual plan. When she's confronted with her Father, the whole thing turns into a big nothing burger. Paige is upset at herself but she doesn't do anything about it but keep her "plotting." As for Ryan, he comes into Paige's life as a result of being hired to befriend her brother. It's not entirely clear, in the beginning, what Ryan is hiding but he constantly refers to some dark secret that keeps him from acting on his attraction to Paige.

Paige knows Ryan wants her and she wants him too. Paige also knows that Ryan won't act on his feelings but she thinks its because he is her boss. And I don't know blah blah blah. Honestly, the book wasn't that long and it took me forever to finish it because I just kept losing focus. The drama in this book felt completely ridiculous and manufactured. I resented being made to wait forever for my freaky fill up and then when it got there I was deflated because I just didn't care anymore. I thought Ryan's reasons for staying away from Paige were way over hyped as was Paige's "darkness." Alexa Riley is usually good for some quick fun dirty but this time around it just didn't work.

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