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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ARC Review: Chance Encounters by Jessica Prince

This is for all the fairy tale lovers out there who root for the underdog and live to see the tables turn in life. This book touched on every romantic bone that I have and because it is well written, witty and entertaining, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Melany has had it rough. She was verbally abused by her Mother in a horrifying fashion and abandoned by her Father. She was mocked by the guys she liked as a teenager and publicly humiliated and more than one occasion. When Melany is first introduced in this book, she is this nervous, stuttering mess. And at first I was like, OMG, not one of these heroines who bites their lip all the time and can't put together a complete sentence. But that was not at all the whole story with Melany. The author was so good at putting together the story of Melany's history and what led to her being the way that she was that I was enthusiastically rooting for her through most of the book.

Melany meets Chance while she is literally pining away for Logan who she has been in secret love with for years. Chance is not at all put off by Melany's stuttering or her penchant for extreme rambling. Like, Melany would pick a topic and just go off. Where most people found it weird, Chance found it endearing. Chance is a great guy who has been unlucky in love. Every woman he has wanted has been into someone else. Even with that history, Chance decides to accept Melany's request guessed it, help her get with someone else- Logan.

Melany and Chance develop a really strong friendship in which Chance helps Melany to accentuate her positive features and stop dwelling on her anxiety. Here's the interesting thing though- Melany changing her "look" wasn't what ultimately led to her internal change. It was having Chance supporting her and even though she didn't realize it, loving her, that gave her the courage to start facing real life. The problem is that Chance doesn't think Melany can handle knowing that he is in love with her because when he first met Melany she couldn't handle anything. For Melany's part, she is still so used to being the ugly duckling that nobody wants that she can't believe that Chance would want her. Melany spends almost the entire book believing that Chance is trying to help her get another guy...even though he is possessive of her and oh yeah, having wild monkey sex with her at every turn, lol. The girl was seriously clueless.

This book is the best of character development and storytelling. The author also does an outstanding job using supporting characters. The friends of both Chance and Melany add a lot to the story without overshadowing the plot. There are many hilarious moments in this book involving Melany's best friend's 3 sons and all of the other characters. I actually laughed out loud several times while reading this story.  I'm not saying that there is anything groundbreaking in this book. It is a play on a popular Cinderella trope but i don't care. I really loved this book and I definitely want to see what else this author has to offer.

**ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR**

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