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Sunday, May 7, 2017

ARC Review: The Handy Men by Jamie K. Schmidt

The Handy Men is a quick and sexy by Jamie K. Schmidt. This story is a MMF menage, so if that is not your thing it might be best to steer clear of this one. While I was excited to read this one, I was also a bit wary. I have read some from Jamie K. Schmidt before, and they didn't entirely work for me. Unfortunately this one I had similar results with, and this will probably be the last I read from her. 

Jack and Dean love each other but are looking for a woman to feel as though their life together is complete. So when newly divorced Paige buys a bed and breakfast and hires them to help her fix it up, they see the perfect opportunity to complete their triangle. But Paige is hesitant to join them, especially with how small the island is. Can they prove to Paige that the three of them belong together and that they can have it all?

These three were definitely hot together and there was a ton of chemistry. I also felt like things were sweet and there was a genuine connection forming between them. Despite the heat and connection though, things took a sudden turn that ruined it all for me. While this one was going so well, I just couldn't get past the sudden drama that occurred, including some OW drama. It just ruined everything for me and there were some things that happened that I wasn't on board with at all. It really felt like there was some betrayal happening and I just couldn't come back from that. 

While this one had a ton of promise, unfortunately it took a turn that I didn't feel the story was ever able to recover from. I think that there are some that will really enjoy this story, and a lot of this is probably just some that bothers me personally. I have come to the conclusion though that this author just isn't for me, and while I don't seem to do well with her books I recommend giving her a shot if this one sounds good to you.

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