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Thursday, May 11, 2017

ARC Review: Marry in Haste by Anne Gracie

Marry in Haste is the beginning of a new series featuring marriages of convenience by Anne Gracie. 

Cal comes back to England from the continent on the search of an assassin he has a hunch is English. The assassin killed his friend right in front of him, and his whole goal becomes finding justice. However, when he returns to England, he discovers some road blocks. His older brother has passed away leaving Cal the new Lord Ashendon. With the new title, he is now in charge of his two younger half sisters. These two young women are quite a handful, and Cal finds himself torn between caring for them and finding the assassin.

Emmaline is a teacher at a school for girls in Bath. She has a history of some sort of scandal that sent her back to the school she attended as a girl. When Cal comes to the school looking for help with his sisters, he sees her there handling the young ladies with finesse. The school refuses to accept his sisters back because they're too old, and the headmistress remembers them as trouble makers. Cal doesn't know what to do other than try to steal and employ Emm from the school to help him with his sisters.

I was very disappointed with the first half of this book. The two lead characters interact maybe four times total. Otherwise, it's just complete backstory, and I was quite bored. I was also a little frustrated with Cal and his sisters. I did love Emm from the start, but her presence is pretty scarce in the first half. Once I broke the halfway point, things began picking up. We even see a cameo of one of the Chance sisters which I loved! 

So in all, I disliked the beginning half to where I would have rated it between a 1 and 2. However, the backstory was necessary to the book, and who knows? It may be necessary to the whole series. The second half of the book brought a little romance and better communication. I would have rated it at 4 stars. So I met in the middle with the total rating of 3 stars. I'm still a huge Anne Gracie fan, it was a good book and I think the rest of the series will be even better.

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