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Monday, May 8, 2017

ARC Review: Solo by Lauren E. Rico

Solo is the first book that I have ever read by Lauren E. Rico, but it won't be my last. I really enjoyed this story and didn't want to put it down. Not only was this one an enemies to lovers story, but it was also student/teacher so it was right up my alley. While this one could be considered NA as Kate is still in school, the characters were on the older side so don't let that stop you from giving this one a shot. 

Katherine Brenner knows that her teacher Drew Markham hates her. But when she finds herself stranded outside his house in bad weather with a car that won't start, she would rather wait it out in her car than ask him for help. Drew knows that he needs to help her, even if it is the last thing he wants to do, but he never expects to want her the way he does. But their relationship has more obstacles than just Drew being her teacher, and if it gets out it could ruin both of them. 

I really liked these two. They each had a lot going on that you might not see at first, but I was so glad that they got the opportunity to hear each other out and get to know each other better. Each of them had so much to learn about the other, and I loved seeing that relationship start to develop as they got to see beneath the surface. I loved that Drew started to see just what she was going through in her life and how his protective side came out with her. They were really sweet together and there was such a strong connection that felt really genuine. I will say though that there were some things that Drew did though that were really hard for me to get over and for him to come back from, I did feel like he was sorry though and that went a long way for me. 

The only other criticism I had is that the ending to me was a little rushed. I began to worry that this one would end with a cliffhanger as it continued without wrapping up, but then suddenly it did and it just felt a bit abrupt. I wish it had more of a solid ending rather than feeling as though it was all wrapped up so quickly. Otherwise though, I really enjoyed this one and it won't be the last I read from Lauren E. Rico. This is one I would recommend, especially if you are like me and a fan of these tropes. This was really well done, and I enjoyed it a lot.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read Solo and write such a thoughtful review!
    Best, Lauren