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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Feature and Giveaway: Wishing For Love and Denise McCray

As a witch, Luvenia Spells has the worst luck in the world. With a snap of her fingers, she can grant anyone their deepest desires, except herself. All she wants is a man to love and for him to love her in return.

Marcus Rush is a man used to getting what he wants. With a stellar career and women tripping over themselves to get next to him, what more can a fellow ask? For a start, a real woman not looking for material things is at the top of his wish list.

Can Marcus fulfill Luvenia’s wish for love?

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“This could only happen to me.” Veni paced the foyer of Santiago, Castillo Resort’s premier restaurant. The click of her heels on the gleaming marble floor mixed with the roar of the indoor waterfall until she wanted to cover her ears in frustration. Diners trickled in, couple after couple, fingers laced together and forever love evident in their eyes. And what was she doing? Hoping she had not been stood up. If she had been, she’d turn the bastard into a toad when she found him.

Sometimes she wanted to snap her fingers and conjure up the perfect man. Someone without a past, whose sole purpose in life would be to provide her pleasure. Veni shook her head and let out a huff. If it could be that easy. With her luck, he’d take one look at her and run away with some other woman the first chance he got. What good was being a witch if she couldn’t do anything to make her life easier?

Yeah, that limitation of her powers pissed her off. She could grant the deepest desires of anyone but herself. Veni spied a poor soul feeding a slot machine what looked like her last dollar bill. After a quick scan of the area to make sure no one saw her, she snapped her fingers and with the next pull on the machine, all hell broke loose. The woman almost fell off her stool once the clanging bells and flashing lights started. In a less than thirty seconds, casino suits and numerous well-wishers surrounded the newly-minted millionaire.

Veni turned her back on the celebration and headed back to the restaurant’s lobby. At least she’d made someone happy.

Ever the romantic, Denise McCray believes in happily ever afters: happily ever afters with a lot of passion and steamy sex, that is. When she’s not toiling away at her day job, you can find her either reading a hot romance or writing one. Sit back and get lost in a Denise McCray tale. Happily Ever Afters with a Side of Sizzle!!

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  1. If I could work magic - I want a fire spell - hehe...

  2. If I could work magic I would love to be able to fly or teleport so I never had to drive again.