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Monday, January 12, 2015

Audiobook Review: Ripped by Katy Evans, Narrated by Sebastian York and Elizabeth Louise

I have to say that this series has been pretty hit or miss for me. While I loved Real and Rogue, I thought that Remy and Mine were just okay. So when I first heard about Ripped, I didn't know what to think. I really didn't care for what little I had seen of Pandora so far in this series, and I honestly didn't expect to really change my mind about her. But I love a good second chance romance and I am a sucker for sexy rockstars so I wanted to see what this one was all about. All that being said, I ended up loving Ripped! While I loved the story itself, what really brought it to life was the audiobook. Katy Evans has written a great story for Pandora and Mackenna, but narrators Sebastian York and Elizabeth Louise were able to give the reader/listener a unique experience by perfectly capturing the raw emotions between these two characters.

Pandora is the goth tough chick friend of Brooke and Melanie. She got her heart broken years before, and ever since she has focused on her niece and her friends. But when she hears that her ex-boyfriend's band will be performing in her hometown, she decides that it is time for her to punish him for the hurt he caused her. Things don't turn out as planned though, and she is forced to agree to his conditions if she is going to escape him pressing charges against her. As the two set out on the rest of his tour, they must both learn to deal with close contact after many years apart. Soon they are rediscovering each other and the passion they once shared. But they both have secrets that destroyed them once before, and when the truth finally comes out it could destroy them again.

I really loved Mackenna and Pandora. I really wasn't crazy about Pandora before as I said already, but I knew that beneath her tough exterior there had to be more to her story. She was tough as a way to cope with everything that she had been through and the more that was revealed, the more I understood and connected with her. I thought that Elizabeth Louise really showed each side to her character through her voice, and she really made Pandora seem real. The emotions that Pandora was experiencing came through perfectly and I thought that Elizabeth Louise really did the character justice. Kenna was a cocky rockstar that was used to getting his way in everything, and it was clear that a lot had changed for him over the years. But as we got to see underneath the facade he projected, it was also clear that he had been through a lot as well. He had never forgotten about Pandora, and he still loved her despite everything that had happened. He had made some bad choices and he also had a bit of an issue with over-sharing at times, but I did think that deep down he was doing what he thought he needed to do or was best. I might not have always liked what came out of his mouth, but I did appreciate his honesty. Sebastian York has one of the sexiest voices that I have ever heard from a male narrator, and I thought that his voice was perfect for Kenna. It was filled with the sex appeal that a rockstar should have, and he really added so much depth to the character.

Overall, I went into this story skeptical and ended with it possibly being my favorite of the series. There are several things that I think will drive some readers nuts, and I do think that this book will be one that some cannot connect with. But for me, I thought that Mackenna and Pandora were perfect for one another and it showed through all their interactions, even when they were trying to get back at one another or were being jerks. Pandora and Mackenna really clicked for me because of their fantastic chemistry, their complicated history, and how sweet and sexy they could be with one another. I will say that the end of this story doesn't have a huge cliffhanger, but it does end with things a bit unresolved. I am so anxious to get more, and I really hope that Katy Evans will let us know how things proceed from here for these two and what all was revealed at the end of this book. I loved getting to see familiar faces, but Mackenna and Pandora really grew on me over the course of this book and I will not forget them anytime soon. If you are a fan of this series, I highly recommend this book and if you haven't read any in this series yet I think that Katy Evans is worth the read. I also look forward to more from Elizabeth Louise and Sebastian York in the future. While I have loved everything I have listened to by Sebastian York so far and actively seek out stories that he narrates, Elizabeth Louise really surprised me and I will definitely be on the lookout for more from her as well.

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  1. Great review... I love audiobooks and this narrator sounds great!!! I do adore Rock band romances so I will have to get this one