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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

ARC Review: Lachlan's Revenge by R.L. Syme

This is my first time reading R.L. Syme. I was looking forward to it because she has so many great reviews and I wanted to see for myself. At first it started out like most Scottish tales. The Scots are fighting the English and they are trying to best each other. After a couple of pages I realized that Syme’s writing is completely unique and so was the rest of her story!

When the story begins Lachlan MacLeod is protecting his home. His daughter and her family is visiting and even though he is enjoying their visit he is terribly worried because he currently has set a plan in motion. This plan is specifically going to bring him the peace that he has been after and protect his family at the same time. Lachlan decides that he will have his men, his nephew included, kidnap Lady Evangeline. Lady Evangeline is the key because her father is an earl that Lachlan has been fighting against to perceive his ancestral home. Lachlan is an honorable man and is not happy about his plan but he realizes that he must do what is necessary to protect his family and his clan.

When a lady is finally revealed, he hurries to marry her, finally he is relieved because now Lady Evangeline’s father will want to keep peace between them. Now, I’m not giving too much away here, because this happens at the very beginning, but he marries another woman. Elsa Bouchard looks very similar to Lady Evangeline which is one of the reasons that she is a close servant of hers. Lachlan immediately sets out to fix this error but as can be expected some unexpected events occur. One he realizes what happened to the real Lady Evangeline. Two he also realizes that he can’t help but fall in love with Elsa. He realizes that not only she is very beautiful but she is also a great woman. Elsa has secrets of her own. She knows that Lady Evangeline’s father is blood thirsty and she is worried for everyone’s safety.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. Lachlan and Elsa were both great characters and I really liked them as a couple. Also, Syme had one adventure after another. Both Lachlan’s and Elsa’s character and bravery are challenged. Finally, I really liked and was surprised in the direction that she took Lady Evangeline’s story. I was not expecting it at all. I really enjoyed this fun highland adventure and recommend it to anyone that enjoys history, adventure and romance.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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