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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ARC Review: Right Kind of Wrong by Chelsea Fine

Right Kind of Wrong is the third book in Chelsea Fine's new adult Finding Fate Series. Each book has interconnected characters, but can be read as standalone. I have really enjoyed this series, and I couldn't wait to read this book. I will say though that this was my least favorite book in the series. Not that it was bad, it just wasn't as good as the others to me. I had a tough time connecting with the heroine in this book, and I think that was the majority of my problem this time around. 

Growing up without any male influences, Jenna has seen what love can do to you. She has only ever seen men wreck the lives of those around her, so she needs complete control always and is focused on her plan. The only person who has ever threatened that is Jack Oliver. They have been friends since she moved to Arizona from New Orleans, though one steamy night together threatened to change everything. Jenna and Jack don't speak about their night together though, and have acted like it never happened. But when Jenna has to return to New Orleans to visit family, Jack decides to tag along as he has some family business that he needs to take care of. Though Jack wants Jenna nowhere near his family's problems, she winds up right in the middle of it all with him. Jack is determined to keep her safe and get everything taken care of as quickly as possible, believing that if she knew all his secrets he would never have a chance with her. But convincing Jenna to alter her plan and give them a chance could be harder than keeping her out of danger. 

I really loved Jack. He was fantastic! Super sexy and sweet, I loved how open and honest he was. He was my favorite part of this book, and I honestly thought that he deserved better. I loved that he didn't give up easily on those he loved, and that he would do anything for them. But I thought that he needed a better girl than Jenna. She was whiny and annoying for most of this book, and I didn't really understand all of her issues. I get that she had seen bad examples when it came to men in her life, but she was pretty judgmental when it came to lumping the entire male population in with her grandfather and father. She had seen how great Jack was and that he genuinely cared about her, so for her to be so against anything with him really baffled me after awhile. I could see that she was scared, but she came off as rude and bitchy most of the time. More than once I just wanted Jack to move on and find someone better. 

As the story progressed, Jenna would show signs of improvement and I would think that she was finally starting to get it. But just as fast as she would make progress, she would revert right back. I was tired of her constantly pushing Jack away, and it got old after awhile. The other problem I had with this book is that it felt too easy as far as the rest of the story went. Jack and Jenna's relationship might have been long and drawn out, but the real problems that Jack's family was facing were resolved very easily and quickly. It was pretty unbelievable that they would have been wrapped up so easily considering how serious they were. So while I liked Jack, this story wasn't what I had hoped for. The first book in this series was my favorite, and unfortunately the series seemed to just lose a bit of steam with each book. I loved Levi and Pixie's story, but the others were just okay. While this book wasn't my favorite, I did enjoy it and that is because of Jack. I look forward to reading more from Chelsea Fine in the future as I do think she is a great writer.

**ARC Provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing)**

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