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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ARC Review: Shamelss by Brynley Bush

Good writing, entertaining, fun and sexy

Shameless is off the Richter scale, steaming, piping, put the kids and the dog out HOT!!! Trust me when I tell you this. I like my books extra spicy and this one reminded me of this nuclear hell hot sauce my Grandmother used to keep for special occasions (true story, that’s actually a thing). I have to lead with this information because even though I enjoyed the overall story, the lasting impression this book leaves is that you need a fan and a glass of ice water.

Shameless is the third book in the Black Brothers Trilogy but you do not need to have read the other two books to read this one. How do I know that? I haven’t read the first two books (yet). I will give you this warning, I get the impression that some parts of the storyline carry over from book to book and if you’re like me and you start with this book first, it’s likely that some parts of Book one and two will be spoiled. Of course, take this warning with a grain of salt because like I said, I haven’t read the first two books. The plot of Shameless is pretty straight forward. Tori is an FBI agent assigned to fake a relationship with country singer Drake Maddox in order to draw out a stalker who goes after Drake’s love interest. Of course Tori is hot and Drake is HAWT and “fake” love in erotic romance novels is like fake calories in real life- there is no such thing. So it’s no surprise when Tori and Drake’s fake relationship starts teetering on real lust.

The main thing (other than the sex) that I like about this book is the dialogue between Tori and Drake and the building of their relationship. I hate to read and book where I have to keep asking myself what the main characters have in common and how the hell they seem to be in love, that’s not the situation here. Brynley has constructed a story that has enough real detail about the main characters that we can identify with them and their attraction to each other.

Another thing you will enjoy about this book is that it is well paced and the plot is constantly moving forward. I was interested in the underlying mystery from the first page to the last and I never had a moment of boredom. The fact that Drake is a singer and we get to see some of the lyrics to his songs adds interesting layers to the book that makes the experience more memorable.

I’m not a BDSM fan because so much of it post-FSOG has been cheesier than nachos and cheesy is not sexy. This book does include some light BDSM but I like the way it was done. The BDSM scenes were pretty mild as far as those go and they were definitely sexy and not too cliché.

The reason this book isn’t a five star review for me is because I’m easily distracted by factual discrepancies and Tori was like the worst FBI agent ever. Ok, yes, I have zero self control and probably would have been jumping Drake like a horny puppy from the introductions but I’m not a trained professional law enforcement person or whatever. I just hope the people assigned to keep us safe are not as easily seduced by their charges as Tori was.

I really like this author’s writing style and I’m excited to explore other works by her. I highly recommend this book.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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