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Saturday, May 16, 2015

ARC Review: Mermen by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

CAUTION: These are not your average fairy tale, fantasy, Barbie, kids cartoon mermen! They are mean, they are vicious, and they are absolute bastards. Also it ends in a cliffhanger, typical Mimi Jean Pamfiloff fashion. Unlike some of her other book this book is strictly in the third person and I love that; and like her other books it’s weird and I love weird. I loved the premise of the book a protected island in the middle of the ocean it’s only inhabitants gorgeous men unfortunately all of them are massive a-holes. So you are thinking to yourselves… Mermen? Yes. Do they have tales? No the evolved past the point of needing them. They are also stronger, faster, can breathe underwater, and of course swim like they are part fish, which they are not they are genetic cousins to us land lovers. Think along the lines of Mermen are to Human as Tigers are to Kittens. Liv is an awesome character she is strong and not willing to give up even when it comes to Roen. Now Roen, he is a bastard but despite it all your heart goes out to him because the situation he finds himself forced into. The chemistry between the two is outstanding and at one point makes you want to strangle someone; more specifically Roen.

The book starts off with Liv in a life raft; she was on a fishing boat doing interviews for her dissertation when a freak storm comes and sinks the boat and she is the only survivor. She has been floating around for over a week she thinks she is hallucinating when she sees an island, she really thinks she’s hallucinating when she sees a very large very naked man swim out of the water on to the beach and she knows she is not hallucinating when a shark starts circling her raft. At first she thinks the man is a savior but it soon becomes obvious that is not the case.

Roen is a self made billionaire, he hates the water and the only way to conquer anything is to master it hence the shipping company. He was raised by a mother running from his psychopathic father an eco-terrorist and all around A-Hole and Roen wants nothing to do with him but fate intervenes and lands his father’s will in his lap. The will includes the coordinates to nowhere, well nothing that’s on the map. When Roen gets there his helicopter crashes and his phone won’t work. He saves Liv from a half naked man trying to drown her.

Whatever you do don’t drink the water! Roen immediately feels a pull to Liv and a possessive need to claim her; even when he knows he normally wouldn’t do these things he doing them for Liv. That’s not the only thing he is becoming one more and more like these Mermen and maybe the only way to save Liv from them is to come one of them.

I love Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and even though this ends in a cliffhanger book two, MerMadMen, is already available!

**ARC provided by Author**

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