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Monday, May 11, 2015

Audiobook Review: A Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire, Narrated by Emma Galvin and Zachary Webber

A Beautiful Wedding is a short novella in the Beautiful series by Jamie McGuire. This one needs to be read after Beautiful Disaster, and shouldn't be read as a standalone. I was curious to learn about what had made Abby decide to propose to Travis, and how everything went down. The ending of Beautiful Disaster felt a bit rushed, so I really wanted to know more. I am sad to say that this story was not at all what I had been hoping for, and it honestly changed my opinion on pretty much everything regarding this series. 

I have had some issues with Abby from the start, but she really lost me here. While I loved Travis more than ever, I felt like Abby did some horrible things in this book. I loved that Travis and Abby got married, and I was so glad to see that Abby was finally coming around after everything that had happened. But once her reasons for getting married were revealed in this novella, I honestly began to question everything. I could no longer believe that she truly loved Travis and that she was marrying him because she wanted to be with him. I also felt like it was ridiculous to start their married life off with him never finding out the truth about it all. She should have talked to Travis, and they should have dealt with things together. Travis on the other hand was so freaking sweet, and he always says the most perfect things to Abby. His love for her had never been more clear, and it was obvious that he only loved her more and more. His being so great and never finding out the truth is what really broke my heart. He deserved better, and it killed me to see this crap happen to him. 

I honestly wish that I never knew Abby's reasons for getting married. I think it really killed what I had loved about these two. While there were some great moments in this book and I liked Abby and Travis before, I really felt like all the good was destroyed by this. The fact that it never came out and that nothing ever happened in regards to Travis and the fire just felt unrealistic and it really turned me off to this series. I have no idea why Jamie McGuire decided to go this route with these characters, but I just felt like she did a huge disservice to them and the entire journey that these two had gone through. If I was rating this book based on the story alone, I would give it two stars. I was just disappointed with the story itself. But the narrators were really great and I loved their voices which is why I decided to give this audiobook three stars instead of two. I thought that Emma Galvin did a great job with Beautiful Disaster, and I was excited to hear more from her. She did a great job again with this story, and I really do think that she was the perfect choice for Abby. Zachary Webber did great with Travis's character and I thought that he was also the right choice for this story. He brother Travis to life and was so clear and easy to listen to. He really brought out the emotions and feelings of what Travis was going through, and I would love to hear more from him as well. I will absolutely listen to more from each of these narrators in the future, and they are among my favorites that I have listened to.

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