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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ARC Review: Consumed by Fire by Anne Stuart

I wish I could say that I have read all of Anne Stuart and love everything she has ever written, but sadly I can’t say that, I have only read four of her books but I do LOVE them. I have read the first three books in her Ice series about a super secret organization called The Committee; Consumed by Fire is a continuation of The Committee story with all new characters and without the necessity to read the Ice series (but if you love this book why would you skip them). Anne Stuart has a way with suspense that keeps you glued to the book and getting so involved in the story you jump at sudden noises. It’s got great characters, even James Bishop who is a complete a-hole most of the time you can end up loving in the end.

Five years ago Evangeline Morrissey was doing a study on ancient Italian architecture when she was swept off her feet by a gorgeous man who wakened in her sexual desire she had no idea she had and married her. Four days of sexual bliss later and her husband James Bishop abandoned her and stole her grandmother’s diamond earrings. Evangeline went on a downward spiral abandoned her research and started on a different topic. Not even marring another man mended her heart. Five years she was alone with only her dog Merlin to keep her company and she was fine with that until she was returning from Canada doing more research when out of the blue James Bishop shows up in her life again.

Five years ago James Bishop was working, trying to collapse family controlling white slavery trade lead by some high ranking Italian Priest by assassinating a small but pivotal person within their infrastructure. Evangeline just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and in order to protect her he marries her. Five years of staying out of her life for the exception of training an attack dog to protect her, he has kept her safe from a distance. Somehow the family found out about Evangeline and now plans to use her to get to James. James must now get Evangeline to safety and divorce her for her own safety keeping her at a distance without touching her like he has longed to in their years apart. His only choice is to be a complete bastard.

Evangeline is confused and scared and finally come to the realization that she loves James and hasn’t stopped but is heartbroken because he obviously just wants to love and leave her again. Fighting off and out running assassins and driving cross country in a Winnebago they will either drive each other crazy or bring them together finally.

Word of caution…if you are not familiar with the writing style that has made this woman a bestseller she does tent to be violent, but it’s nothing that I’m not use to; if you are picky about how violent and graphic a book gets depicting trained killers fight to the death, I would avoid it. But if you are like me and nothing fazes you, hell ya read and enjoy.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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