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Saturday, June 20, 2015

ARC Review: Do Not Disturb by Stephanie Julian

Do Not Disturb is (I think) the third book in the Salon series. The Salon is a freaky sex club where most of the characters in the book have gone to play....well, freaky sex games. Dane is one of the freaky sex players who most recently was involved in a threesome with his best friend and his fiance. When the book begins the friend, Jared is marrying the fiance, Annabelle so the three way is over and despite Dane's intense attraction to Annabelle, he doesn't love her so he finds himself needing to move on. Enter Talia. Talia is an event planner and one of Annabelle's best friend's who has no idea that Annabelle has been getting her bread buttered on both sides by Dane and Jared. Talia is instantly attracted to Jared and begins a relationship with him. Well, she begins a one night stand with him that slowly morphs into a relationship when they find they can't get enough of each other in or out of bed.

As you might imagine, the book is fraught with tension over what will happen when Talia finally discovers that Dane has been giving her best friend the business. What you might not imagine is that Talia has some giant secret of her own regarding her past that also haunts the developing relationship between her and Dane. That's pretty much the set up for the book.

On a positive note, Dane and Talia are a good match for one another. Although they jump into bed pretty early on in the book, I was ok with that because the actual relationship is developed later on in the story. You will not find me complaining about the instant gratification of hot sex followed by a decently developed plot. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between Dane and Talia, they both push each other in the right ways but give in enough that their connection is believable. I liked that Dane was trying to find his place in his family's empire and I liked that Talia was career oriented and ambitious.

On a less positive note, it was hard for me to get past Dane's past relationship with Annabelle. I really really don't want to read about a male lead who begins the book obsessing about another chick. I also was not at all feeling the fact that Annabelle was jealous of Dane's burgeoning relationship with Talia even though she was marrying Jared! I don't like threesomes to begin with but the way the one played out in this book was even less appealing than usual. It just added an ick factor for me that tainted my enjoyment of the story. The resolution of the situation that eventually came was believable but I just don't know... I didn't like it.

So I guess at the end of the day I would say this is a good book. It's well written and fast paced, you should have no problem turning the pages. If threesomes don't bother you, I highly recommend you read this. If threesomes do bother you, just proceed with caution but this is still on my recommended list.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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