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Thursday, June 18, 2015

ARC Review: Taking the Fall Bundle by Alexa Riley

Taking the Fall was released as a serial by Alexa Riley. The first three parts center around Layla and Carter with part four featuring their friends Jeanette and Saint. The Taking the Fall bundle contains the entire series as well as a bonus of letters that Carter wrote Cherry while in prison. 

Taking the Fall: Vol 1 

Taking the Fall is a four part serial by Alexa Riley. Though each part does end with a cliffhanger, the reader knows that Carter and Layla are going to be together going in. I have to say that is what convinced me to read this one. While I have really liked everything I have read by Alexa Riley, I am over serials. They frustrate me and I tend to lose track of release dates and then completely forget the story by the time that the next part comes out. But with this one, I knew that I was going to feel better going in and that is what made me want to read it.  

Layla O'Leary has tried for years to remember what happened one night. When she goes to the one man that could answer everything, he turns her away. She vows to never return and that everyone from her past life will never hear from her again. Four years later, she lives somewhere else and has a new identity. But Carter has waited eight years to finally claim her, and he will do whatever it takes to show her that she is his.  

I really liked Carter. I felt bad for him seeing how much he wanted Layla and yet there were so many obstacles standing in his way. He was sexy and alpha, and I loved how possessive he was of Layla. She was his, and he would make sure that everyone knew it. But he also had a lot that he wasn't telling her, and I felt like things would have been so much easier if he would have just filled her in on some and talked to her. Layla was strong and determined, yet she could never fully move on and forget Carter. I felt bad for her as well, and I don't know what I would have done had I been in her situation. It was clear that they both had feelings for one another, but I really just wanted them to talk to one another and have better communication between them. I didn't see why Carter didn't talk to her about what he had to do, even if he couldn't give her any details. He should have been able to at least let her know what was ahead of them. The one thing that was never a problem though was how hot these two were together! They were perfect for one another when it came to their desires and they just clicked on that level. 

Overall, this was a good first installment. I like these two together and they were definitely on the same page when it came to the steamy stuff. I will be interested to see what happens next after where we left off in this part. Alexa Riley always brings the heat with her stories, and she writes some of the hottest sex scenes I have ever read. Though I love her stories, I always feel like I want more. Luckily this time, it feels like we are definitely going to get that since there are four parts instead of just one. If you are looking for something short and sexy, I definitely recommend giving any of her stories a try. Carter and Layla's story is one that I enjoyed so far, and I cannot wait to get more of.

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Taking the Fall: Vol 2 

Taking the Fall Vol. 2 picks up where the first installment left off. These need to be read in order, so make sure you have read Vol 1 before starting this part. Carter has claimed Layla, but he left her behind in order to finish his business. As he goes about setting things up so that he can protect and keep her, old demons begin to resurface. Carter returns to Layla to keep her safe and finds things more complicated than ever. Can he keep her safe while also taking care of making sure that they never have to look over their shoulders again?  

In this installment we get more of Carter's background and find out what put him in the position he was in to have been sent to prison. It was good to get more of him, and I think it helped the reader and Layla to understand more about what makes Carter the way he is. He would do absolutely anything for his Cherry, but he was so worried that once she knew everything that she would run from him. I liked that Layla was so supportive though, and she showed him that what they had was worth fighting for. She wasn't afraid of what she found out, but was afraid for Carter. She loved him just as fiercely as he loved her, and she was ready to fight right along side him. Carter and Cherry have so much chemistry, but I really liked seeing their connection continue to strengthen in this part of their story. They really opened up to one another, and it was good to see them being honest and laying everything out on the table.  

Overall, another great one from Alexa Riley. I am really enjoying this story, and I can't wait to find out what happens next. With the way things were left in this part, I need to know how things will play out. Alexa Riley continued to bring the heat, and I am convinced that she writes some of the hottest scenes ever. If you are looking for something straight up sexy, you have to give her books a shot! I am looking forward to the next installment to see the conclusion of Carter and Layla's story, but I also can't wait to get more of Saint and Jeanette.

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Taking the Fall: Vol 3 

Volume 3 is the final installment of Carter and Layla's story, picking up right where volume 2's cliffhanger left off. Things are more at risk than ever for these two as Carter tries to protect Layla and finally get his vengeance. But will Carter be able to keep Layla out of danger and protect the family he is building, or will he wind up losing everything?

I really enjoyed seeing these two in this installment. They have come so far since the beginning of this series, and I really liked them together. They love one another and aren't afraid to admit or how much they need each other. It was great to see a softer side to Carter here, along with his normal sexy alpha personality. I was glad that he was so protective of Layla, and I really loved how much he took care of her. Layla had come a long way as well, and I was glad that she was able to really embrace the family that she was building and chose and leave her past behind. 

Overall, this was a great ending for Carter and Layla. These two were hotter than ever, but they also had an undeniable love that was surprisingly sweet. I love that they never lost their edge though, and they really had it all with each other. I also loved that Alexa Riley gave us more of Saint and Jeanette as we head into volume 4 which centers around them. I am interested to see more of them as the focus shifts to their story. 

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Falling In: Vol 4 

In Volume 4, Falling In, Alexa Riley gives us more of Saint and Jeanette. Jeanette thought that they had randomly met, but then found out that it was all a lie. Saint had been working to keep eyes on Layla for Carter. But Saint wasn't willing to give up on Jeanette, and he would do whatever it took to make sure that she was his forever. 

I had really liked these two throughout the previous three installments, so I couldn't wait to get more of them. While I did like seeing Jeanette and Saint as the focus for a change, I felt like it was so brief they didn't really get all that they deserved. Saint and Jeanette were super hot, and they might have even been sexier than Layla and Carter. But I really wanted to see more of these two together and I felt like this was kind of like a highlights reel for them. I wanted to dig a bit more into their pasts to see what made them the people they were. I also felt like though we saw them together physically, we really missed the build up when it came to their emotional connection. 

It was good to see them together and happy though, and it was easy to see that these two belonged together. Saint was so great for Jeanette, and I loved how devoted he was to her. He would do absolutely anything for her and that made me love him so much more. I wanted more of these two and I think that there was so much more that Alexa Riley could have done with their story. It was nice to see them over the course of the previous three installments, but I really did think that we could have been given more here. There were some huge jumps in time at the end of this one that could have been expanded upon, but it was good to see how things worked out for these two. I would have loved to have seen more of them with their kids though, and how they settled into life after everything that happened.

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Overall this serial was good, and I liked all the characters. They were all put in tough positions, but what made them strong was by leaning on those around them. Carter and Layla were a great couple, but so were Jeanette and Saint. I have to say I am very intrigued by the relationship between their children Tony and Mary, and I would love to read their story! I also really loved seeing the letters from Carter to Cherry, and I would have loved to see her read them as well. Carter really poured his heart out in a way that wasn't typical for him, and it was good to see a bit of him beneath the surface. Alexa Riley is great for giving short and sexy stories that will leave you hot and bothered, and the Taking the Fall Bundle does just that. I look forward to more steamy stories from Alexa Riley in the future.

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