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Monday, August 17, 2015

ARC Review: Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

I’m not much of a fan of New Adult but I love Lauren Layne and she has never disappointed me. Is very much like her other books in writing style, the characters seem older then they are intellectually, but still have a very young and modern feel to them. Blurred Lines is about blurring the lines of friendship, not completely crossing the line going from friends to lovers but blurring that line and remaining both best friends and lovers. A Friends to Lovers trope isn’t my favorite but it is a very fun one to read, and this one is a great example of it.

Parker and Ben started off as friends and have stayed just that for six years they have proven that guys and girls can be JUST friends. But when Parker’s boyfriend breaks up with her so he can explore his feelings for another woman Parker thinks blurring that defined platonic line and having sex with Ben is the perfect thing to do; Ben is the perfect non-boyfriend they have their sexual relationship without the commitment. Ben has always been attracted to Parker but after six years of having her as a best friend he thinks they have moved past that point until her loser of a boyfriend breaks up with her and she decides they need to sleep with each other.

It is inevitable that things get hairy, emotions get involved and they both soon realize the depth of their feelings for each other; it’s a shame they don’t straight out and tell each other because when Parkers boyfriend wants her back she thinks she has nothing holding her to Ben. Tempers flare and feelings get hurt and it just might be too late to mend their friendship.

Overall, this book exceeded my expectations.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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