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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: Vexed By a Viscount by Erin Knightley

Vexed By a Viscount had all the charm and sweetness that I have come to expect from Erin Knightley. It was a very short read, but never-the-less it just gave me a happy feeling. You can always depend on Mrs. Knightley for a Happily Ever After, but she will always surprise you with how it comes about!

Prudence Landon has always been the perfect daughter. However, before she marries the local squire, a little rebellion sparks. She makes a list of daring things to do before tying the knot. One such adventure is swimming naked in the sunlight. It's just her luck though, that the neighbor happens to ride by right in the middle of it.

Viscount Ashby is absolutely shocked to see of all people, Miss Landon skinny dipping in his pond. It deeply intrigues him that this prim and proper young lady would be doing such a thing. Once he finds out her plan however, he decides he wants to help her with her list.

The couple spends much time together, having extremely fun adventures together. Their love story is sweet and vexing! As always I love that Erin Knightley's tales are "clean" romances. Its not something very common in the romance industry today, and I continue to find it refreshing!

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  1. Glad you liked this one! I am a fan of Erin's & I just got this & the other novellas from the series in paperback. Looking forward to reading it on my vacation!

    1. Oh I'm jealous! I want them all in paperback, but I only have them on my Nook so far. Soon! Have a wonderful vacation:)

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