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Thursday, August 20, 2015

ARC Review: Seaside Nights by Melissa Foster

Seaside Nights is the latest book in the Seaside Summers Series by Melissa Foster. Though this book is the fifth in the Seaside Summers Series and twenty-fifth in the Love in Bloom Series, each book is a standalone story with interconnected characters. I have had the pleasure of reading most of the books in this series, and Melissa Foster never disappoints! These books are all fantastic stories, and Seaside Nights is one of my favorites so far! If you are looking for a great contemporary romance filled with love and emotion as well as humor and plenty of steam, look no further. 

Sky Lacroux lives her life taking things as they come rather than planning every detail. She does what makes her happy, and she is living her dream now that her tattoo shop has opened and is in the process of being fully remodeled. The one thing that is missing though is someone to share her life with. So when she locks eyes across the bar with the sexy singer Sawyer Bass, she never expects that she could possibly find such a strong connection so quickly. Then Sawyer turns up at her shop the next day wanting a tattoo, and they realize that their connection is one worth exploring. But when Sky finds out that Sawyer is actually a boxer, she knows that it goes against everything she believes in. As Sky and Sawyer continue to get to know one another, they both begin to feel as though everything that they have been looking for can be found in one another. But can Sky let go of what Sawyer does in order to have a future together? 

I really liked Sawyer and Sky from the very first few pages of this book. I am normally not big on the hippie type of heroines, but I have to say that Sky was nothing like I had expected her to be. While she was laid back and artistic and very free spirited, I also thought that she was easy to relate to. She did what made her happy and she was comfortable with herself. Seeing a heroine really own and embrace themselves is rare, and that is what made Sky so special. Sawyer was so many things rolled into one that I felt like he really was the complete package. Not only was he strong and sexy, but he was deep and emotional. He was every bit the poet with his songs and words, and it was easy to see what drew Sky to him so quickly. He was loyal and looked out for those he loved, and I really liked how he treated Sky right from the start. He wasn't ashamed to admit his feelings or how much he wanted her, and he could not have been sweeter. Besides just connecting on an emotional level though, Sky and Sawyer had off the charts chemistry. The sparks flew instantly and you could really feel the heat between them every time they interacted. I couldn't get enough of these two, and loved every bit of their growing relationship. 

Overall, this was another excellent book from Melissa Foster just as I knew it would be. Every time I start a new book from her, I know that I will really enjoy the characters and story. She always manages to give us something new and different, and I love how fresh each book is. It was fun to catch up with some of my favorite characters, and I have to admit I really enjoyed seeing the ongoing battle between Theresa and the Seaside ladies. I can't wait to see what happens next, and I know whatever it is will be a ton of fun to read about. If you are a fan of all around great contemporary romance books, Melissa Foster is definitely a must read.

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  1. Thank you for hosting SEASIDE NIGHTS!

  2. I'm so happy Sky took you by surprise and that you were able to relate to her. Thank you for joining the tour and for another awesome review! I love reading your "ramblings" XOXO