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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Review: Sky High by C.J. Lake

Sky High is the third book in the Attraction Series by C. J. Lake, but it can be read as a standalone. This was my first book by C.J. Lake, and I didn't have a lot to go on when I started this book. With the blurb being so short, I will admit that I was mostly drawn in with the cover. While there were some really cute moments in this story, I did have a lot of issues with this one overall.

Jamie has set out to make this year his best yet. He already has the job, and with him moving into a new apartment and getting a new care, all that is left is the girl. So when his new neighbor Sky steals his parking spot, he never expects that she could be the girl for him. But as Jamie and Sky become friends, he helps her weed out the horrible men she keeps being set up with. Soon though Jamie is starting to wish that he was the man she was dating. 

I liked Jamie. I thought that he was sweet and kind, funny and easy to get along with. He was such a great guy, and I really liked seeing him with not only Sky but also his friends. He is one of those guys that you just can't help but love. Plus he was also extremely sexy. Sky on the other hand was hard for me to connect to, and there were times that I almost didn't like her at all. She made some horrible decisions, she was on the whiny side, and she didn't seem to take much responsibility or blame when she had a part in them. At the end of the book when she up and leaves the country, Sky didn't seem to understand why Jamie would be upset and wasn't more supportive. She was irrationally mad about the situation when it was her decision in the first place. Then Jamie ends up apologizing for not being able to handle the distance, and Sky didn't really seem to feel any regret for leaving at all and that didn't feel right to me. So while these two had an obvious connection and chemistry, it was hard to really feel much for Sky because I thought that Jamie was definitely getting the short end of the stick here. 

Besides Sky herself, I thought that this story had some problems as well. This book was told in third person and alternated between Sky and Jamie. But there were a couple of occasions when it would switch to first person, and that was a bit weird. Then Chapter 11 switches focus from Jamie and Sky to his friends Tragan and Andy. It was the only time that it happened in the entire book, but it was the whole chapter and there was no warning. It was just bizarre and I didn't really understand why it happened or was necessary. It didn't really add anything to the story, in fact it just seemed out of place and confusing for the reader. There was also one really glaring mistake here, and that was impossible for me to get over. I know one mistake isn't a big deal when it comes to the whole book, but it was the fact that this was an answer to a trivia question that they had given and ended up winning so it was really ridiculous to me that the author messed it up when it easily could have been looked up and fixed. When they are talking about the trivia game, Sky tells Jamie that she couldn't believe that he got the random question about the Arizona Cardinals correct and Jamie tells her that he loves baseball. The Arizona Cardinals are actually a football team in the NFL while the St. Louis Cardinals are a baseball team in the MLB. It wouldn't have been such a huge deal if this wasn't the answer to a trivia question, but because it was it really bothered me that the author and any editors/beta readers didn't catch that. Add that to the previous issues I mentioned and an extremely abrupt ending and this one was a bit of a disappointment for me. I think that this story could have been a really good one, but unfortunately this one just didn't deliver and felt more like a rough draft than a finished novel. I think with some editing and reworking this story could be better though and it did have promise. I did like Jamie's group of friends, so I would be interested in getting to know them all better.

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