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Thursday, August 13, 2015

ARC Review: Shadows Strike by Dianne Duvall

Book six in the Immortal Guardians series by Dianne Duvall, Shadow Strike, is a fantastic read. I really enjoyed reading this book. I love Ethan; he was the one you hope will get his HEA in the last book Night Unbound. Heather is the perfect fit for him a balance to Ethan; practical to his humor, and strong enough to fight with him and standup to him. This book can be read as a stand-alone but to really you should at least read the book before. Books 1-4 follows with one story arc and Night Unbound is the start of another. This book has one fantastic and slightly creepy opening line; and from that point it has you hooked.

Eons ago, The Other’s an immortal race was forbidden to interact with the human race for fear that it would bring about Armageddon. Until one immortal fell in love and risked it all to be with her. In the time since Seth has protected the human race against the vampires that threaten them and Seth created the Immortal Guardians. Zach another immortal has also fallen in love and joined forces with Seth but he wasn’t the only one; one more has left The Other’s and is demented and crazed enough to start the end of the world himself.

Ethan has been felling lonely, it seems like everyone around him has found love. As one of the youngest Guardians he shouldn’t be too impatient but the woman he thought he loved has fallen in love with someone else. Heather Lane has been plagued by the same dream for the past year so she has been going out to the clearing by her house where it happens every morning and waits. Finally one morning, just like in her dreams, seven vampires stumble into clearing along with one very large sexy man. Raised the daughter of a General she was taught how to defend herself together with the sexy man the kill all the vampires. Ethan assumes Heather is already part of The Network, the human side if the Immortal Guardians, but when Heather explains why she just happened to be there Ethan has to explain it all because it’s obvious she is a Gifted One, but her gift isn’t a precog, she is a telepath but that doesn’t explain the reoccurring dream. Ethan and Heather have an instant connection but it still takes two weeks before Ethan goes to see Heather again only to be attacked again by more vampires. Heather saves Ethan from death only to risk her own. Seth saves her and sees in her mind that Gershom, the crazy Other out to destroy the world, is behind it. Combined with an incident with one of the doctors at The Network and the attack of U.S. military bases is planning something very bad. They take a risk and recruit Heather’s father, General Milton Lane, and some of his trusted men.

Overall, I couldn’t have enjoyed this book anymore than I did. It has the right amount of sexual tension and sex. Dianne Duvall has a real knack with her action scenes with so much happening but you don’t get lost in the description. It is tense that I found myself holding my breath during the fighting. I hope Aidan gets his book next. I also wish I didn’t have to wait a year for the next one.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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