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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ARC Review: Last Hope by Jessica Claire and Jen Frederick

I love when these two authors get together for the Hitman Series but I must say this book was even more off beat than their usual writing. If you've read any of the books by these authors you know that they specialize in delivering...unexpected heroines and heroes. You don't find the typical flawless characters who are perfect even in their imperfections, nope. These authors dream up characters that can actually make you a little uncomfortable with their...quirks.

In this book we have the story of Ava and Mendoza- and here come the quirks. Ava is a model...a hand model...with two different color eyes. I'm telling you, it was really some weird ish. Throughout the book Ava is worried about moisturizing her hands because without hand modeling, she has no other income source. Ava's roommate is kidnapped and for some reason the kidnappers enlist Ava to deliver random ish to random people. I don't really know and frankly it didn't matter much. The point is that Ava finds herself in a foreign country where she meets Mendoza. Mendoza is an assassin who needs to steal the very information Ava needs to deliver in order to save one of his good friends. Now that's a conflict of interest.

In the end (or rather for a long portion of the middle of the book), Ava and Mendoza find themselves stranded on a island where their mutual attraction for one another grows. I gotta say, the development of their attraction and relationship was very WEIRD. Ok, I have to give you a very very mild spoiler next so if you haven't read the book, you might not want to read my next paragraph.

Mendoza's quirk is that he has a huge D!ck. Like, huge huge- the size of a small Louisville slugger (*Blank Stare*). Not only is his equipment unnaturally large, he has an erection for 50% of the book (I'm not kidding) because he can't control his attraction to Ava. I don't know if I should be telling you about the plot and what not but honestly, I was totally distracted between the hand model stuff and the giant peen and that's what sticks out in my a Mendoza erection. I don't want to give anymore away but the whole sexual thing between Mendoza and Ava was really WEIRD. I can't even say it was sexy, it was just...a lot for me to process. The sex scenes involved an unusual amount of bodily fluids and it was just....weird.

All in all, I was completely sidetracked from the writing, plot and characters by all of the quirkiness. I have no clue if this book is good but it was fascinating, I can tell you that. The plot moves quickly, there is action, suspense and some messy sex. These are two characters who for better or worse you won't forget but the story might take a back seat to some of the details.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Yep, that's about how I felt with this one. Mendoza's penis and her hands were the real main characters.

    1. LOL, it's true and it was kinda disturbing.