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Friday, October 2, 2015

ARC Review: Paper Thin by Jennifer Snyder

Paper Thin is my first book by Jennifer Snyder. I was really intrigued by the blurb of this one, and I thought that I knew what I was in for. That wasn't the case here at all though, and this wasn't anything like what I had been expecting. Paper Thin was beautifully written, and I think that Jennifer Snyder is definitely talented. That being said though, this story was not for me. I want to warn potential readers here that this is not a traditional HEA or what I would even consider a romance. This story is fiction and deals with some difficult topics and how we handle life's curve balls. 

Charlotte Montgomery and Fate are not friends. At every turn, Fate seems to mock her. Every time that she thinks things are about to go her way, she quickly finds that she has been fooled once again. So when her sister informs her that she is engaged and asks her to finally return home, Charlotte is reluctant to go. Curious to see who her sister has found, Charlotte heads home and thinks that Fate may have finally given her something. But Charlotte soon figures out that Fate once again has different plans for her. 

I really felt for Charlotte here. She didn't always make choices that I agreed with, and she did have her moments that frustrated me. But I felt like she was always getting such a raw deal. She wasn't a bad person and yet she seemed to have such terrible karma. At the beginning of this book, I really thought that things were finally turning around for her only for her to be slapped in the face. I hated how things went, and even though the situation was very complicated, I was really hoping that things would finally go her way. This book was really about Charlotte dealing with tragedy and difficult things in life, and I really think that she grew as a person. But that wasn't the story I was expecting here, and unfortunately this entire book was a bit of a downer for me. It was tough to get through parts of this story, and I just didn't want to even finish it at times knowing that it wasn't going to end how I had hoped. 

Overall, this wasn't a bad book but I think I went into it expecting something completely different and that changed the entire experience for me. I think if I had known this was more of a journey to self discovery and growth/healing that I would have been better off. But I was expecting this to be a romance at the heart of it, and that wasn't the case at all. One thing that is for certain though is that this one was emotional and heartbreaking at times, and I would warn readers to make sure they have tissues on hand before reading this one. Jennifer Snyder is a great writer, and I am sure that I will read more from her in the future. I will prepare myself ahead of time that her stories aren't always traditional HEAs though before starting, and I think that is something that will definitely change my mindset about what I am reading.

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