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Saturday, October 3, 2015

ARC Review: Hold Me Until Morning by Christina Phillips

Hold Me Until Morning is the second book in the Grayson Brothers series by Christina Philips. Each book can be read as a standalone story though, so don't worry if you haven't read the first one. This was my first book by Christina Phillips and there was a lot to enjoy here. It was short and sexy, and had its really sweet moments too. I liked this book and Christina Phillips is a really great writer. I would read more from her again after reading this one.

When Cooper Grayson's best friend Scott asks him to look after his little sister for a week, he just knows that it is going to be a pain. Paris O'Connell is used to only the fine things in life, after being a famous soap star for the last several years. But when Paris arrives at the remote mountain cabin, he is surprised to find that Paris isn't what he had been expecting at all. Neither of them are like the person they remember growing up around, and the attraction between them is instant. But Cooper finds himself struggling with his feelings since she is Scott's little sister. The more time they spend together though, the closer they become and soon they can't fight what is between them. But when they are forced to face the real world, will they lose everything that they are building?

I liked Cooper and Paris. I thought that they had great chemistry, and I loved that they had some history between them. They had grown up around one another, and knew each other before Paris was famous. Paris was far from the typical Hollywood starlet, and I really liked that she had a mind of her own. She had her own wants and wasn't what people thought she was. I did think that she had let her mother push her around for far too long, but I was glad that she was able to think for herself. She had issues from her past that she was able to overcome and I really admired that. Cooper was really great for her as well, and I liked that he was supportive of her. He treated her like she was normal right from the start here, and that was something that not many people did. He was able to see beneath the facade and really cared about her and what she wanted. 

I will say that I thought that while the first half was great, the second half lost me a bit. I didn't care for her mother and how much she had to do with Paris and her life. I also was really loving the tension and build-up between Cooper and Paris, and it seemed to get a bit lost in the second half as it felt like they just jumped ahead a few steps. Things were suddenly more serious and it didn't feel as natural or smooth as I would have liked. While I liked the chemistry between them, I didn't really feel as invested in their relationship as I would have liked. The first half of the book was really enjoyable, but the second half sort of fizzled out and fell flat. I will still read more from Christina Phillips in the future, this one just had a lot of promise that I felt didn't quite deliver in the end.

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