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Monday, September 28, 2015

ARC Review: Shadow Fall by Laura Griffin

If you are like me and have been a lifetime reader of suspense/thriller type books, you simply can't pass up a book like this. From page one, the book is a fast paced, serial killer whodunnit. For the suspense/mystery lover in you, this book will hit it out of the park. For the romance lover in you, however, this may be a little less of a home run. The romance between the main characters takes a long time to build, the two spend a lot of time apart and there relationship is very much a secondary story line.

Shadow Fall focuses on Tara Rushing and Liam Wolfe. Tara is an FBI agent sent to investigate the murder of Liam's former client. Liam is a security expert and becomes a prime suspect in the murder. Things move quickly though and it becomes apparent that the killer has targeted more women than just Liam's former client.

I really like the interactions between Tara and Liam that start off as interrogations and rapidly wonder in a different direction. Tara managed to be tough without coming across as unlikeable. She was overworked and traumatized by the nature of her work. The trauma gave her both a vulnerability and a likability that is sometimes missing from women investigator roles. Liam was my favorite brand of alpha. He reeks confidence, uses too few words to answer questions and can undress you with a look. I love a vague seductive bossy man. My only criticism of both Liam and Tara's characters is that the book isn't enough about them to really develop the background on their attraction to each other. It all worked in terms of them teaming up to solve the mystery but I wanted more about them too.

I love the turf war between the local sheriff and the FBI, it spiced things up. I also like the other supporting cast from the Wolf Agency and Tara's partner MJ. This is a very well written mystery and suspense novel that you can easily read in just a few sittings. I highly recommend you give this one a try.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. I still need to read one of her books. This one sounds good the way you describe the characters.