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Monday, October 19, 2015

ARC Review: Everything I Left Unsaid by M. O'Keefe

I have to say that what first drew me to this story was the beautiful cover! I absolutely fell in love with it, and I couldn't wait to read the story inside! Molly O'Keefe is a great writer, so I knew it would be more than just pretty packaging and she absolutely proved me right here. Everything I Left Unsaid was so good, and I couldn't put it down.This book was captivating and sexy, and I was instantly invested. I will warn readers that it does end with a cliffhanger though, with the next book being set to release at the end of November 2015. 

Running from her past and looking for an escape, Annie settles in a trailer park in a small town where everyone is known to keep to themselves. But when she answers a cellphone found in her new home, she never expects her life to change. The sexy sounding stranger on the other end of the phone instantly becomes someone of intrigue to her and she finds herself unable to stop thinking of him. But Dylan has just as many secrets as Annie does, so despite how much they talk, there is so much more that is left unsaid. Annie and Dylan find themselves caught between the desire they feel for one another on their sexy phone conversations and the dangers of letting things between them go too far. But can they end things before they get themselves in more trouble than they are already in, or will they find a way to heal each other after everything that they have each been through?

I liked both Annie and Dylan, and I loved seeing their desire for one another. What started off with a single phone call quickly turned into so much more. Dylan had lived a wild life before everything happened to him, and it was clear that he no longer lived that lifestyle. He was very much a hermit at that point, only leaving his home when he had to. But with Annie, he was able to help bring out a side to her that she had never experienced before. He showed her that it was okay to follow her desires and to do things that might seem to be a bit outside the box. He challenged her and allowed her to live life to the fullest, all the while be a safe place for her to come back to. She was able to open up to him and let him see things that she had never even been allowed to really hope for, and it was great to see him be supportive and encouraging. I did think that their relationship was more physical than emotional though, and I would have liked to have seen more development when it came to their relationship. Things were super hot between them, with their chemistry off the charts explosive. I just wanted to see them getting to know one another better without so many secrets and lies between them. I do think that we will get more of that though in the next book, but I just wanted more here.

Overall, this was a great first installment. I really enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. We did get quite a few things answered at the end here before the cliffhanger, but it is clear there is so much more to the story. I think that Molly O'Keefe did a great job of setting this one up for more. Even though I really don't like cliffhangers, I really do think that this story needed to continue in another book in order to do it justice. Annie and Dylan's journey is only getting started, and I am anxious to see what their future holds. If you like your romance with some suspense and plenty of steam, you should definitely check this book out! Everything I Left Unsaid leaves you on the edge of your seat and hungry for more.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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