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Friday, October 23, 2015

Review: Madly In Love by Colet Abedi

Madly In Love by Colet Abedi is a very short story meant to catch readers up on what has happened to Sophie since she left the Maldives. This takes place after Mad Love, but before Mad Love 2 and should be read after readers have finished the first book. I was expecting this to be a new story, and to help set us up for the next book. However, this one seemed to mostly rehash everything that had happened in the first book.

Madly In Love was filled with flashbacks of her time with Clayton, and how she felt before everything was shattered. There were some scenes from the present, with Sophie heartbroken and leaning on Eric and Orie. They did their best to cheer her up, but it was only a few pages between flashbacks, and unfortunately didn't seem to really add much to the story. If you are looking for a refresher before starting Mad Love 2, this might be of interest to you. But honestly I didn't really think that it added much to the story or that it was necessary to enjoy this series.

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