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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ARC Review: Nuts by Alice Clayton

I have to start by saying that the problem with authors who are well known for a certain thing is know the author for that thing. You go into a book with high expectations to get the author's "thing" and it's much easier to be disappointed. I think that's what happened to me with this book. I had heard so much about Alice Clayton's irreverent humor that I was dying to be dazzled and while I thought the book was good, I certainly thought it would be funnier maybe? I'm a very assertive reviewer most of the time but I have to say, I'm second guessing myself because so many other reviewers swear this book delivers all the humor Alice Clayton is known for. If that is true, I can only conclude that maybe I wouldn't have found the other books as funny either? I don't know, that's all I could come up with.

Even with my feeling that I didn't get the expected laughing fits, I can still honestly say that this book is good. Short background, Roxie returns to her small town diner after life in the big city chewed her up and spit her back out. The diner is owned by Roxie's hippie of a mother who I think provided an interesting contrast to Roxie and a lot of entertaining banter. While Roxie is helping to run her mother's diner (so her mother can be on the Amazing Race, lol) she meets Leo and is instantly attracted to him.

The interactions between Leo and Roxie are entertaining but sometimes Roxy just got on my nerves. Roxie's angst and discontent over being back home and her constant guarantees that she was returning to her big life in Hollywood aggravated me. Leo saved the day. First, Leo's interactions with Roxie are pretty funny and I think most readers will enjoy them. I did. Also, Leo is just perfect book boyfriend material. Leo isn't even my type and I still had a crush on him. Leo's a farmer and a hipster but his understanding of Roxie along with his care for her are just exactly what you want in a man (even a fictional one). Roxie warms up and realizes that if home is where the heart is then her home is with Leo. At that point her character became much more likable for me.

I personally love how much this book talks about food and not just because I'm always hungry (read: greedy). There are detailed recipes and cooking scenes in this book which seem perfectly authentic. To me that means that the author spent some time researching and was well informed and I really appreciate that effort. Random side note, Roxie's issue with bees was also an add in that I found to be truly hilarious.

The sex scenes in this book are on the milder end of the spectrum but fit into the overall story. There is tons of good dialogue and the book moves at a good pace. Alice Clayton's writing is superb and even though you might not guffaw as much as some predictions, I think you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Thanks for the review! Wallbanger was pretty funny & I intend to read the rest of the books in that series. This one looks good to me, too.