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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ARC Review: Hard Beat by K. Bromberg

Hard Beat is the newest book in the Driven series from K. Bromberg. This book is a complete standalone though, so if you haven't read the previous ones you don't have to worry about starting here. While this book takes place in the Driven world, this story is about Rylee's brother Tanner who we have only seen a little of previously. I have to say though that I have been waiting for Tanner's story! I couldn't wait to really get to know him, and each book that I read from K. Bromberg just seems to get that much better. It is so hard for me to pick a favorite character of hers, because just when I think that no one can top my favorite she finds a way to prove me wrong! This is one of my absolute favorite group of characters ever though, and I really cannot recommend every book in this series enough! 

Foreign war correspondent Tanner Thomas is used to living for his work, but after losing his best friend he needs his job more than ever. Convincing his employers that he needs to get back to work, they set him up with a new photographer that tests him right from the start. Though Beaux Croslyn doesn't have a lot of experience, she is determined to do whatever it takes to make it. The attraction between them is instant, but they don't get off to the best start. But Beaux has secrets that she won't talk about and when they start to threaten everything, Tanner is will stop at nothing to find out the truth. But will Tanner's determination put them in even more danger than Beaux's secrets? 

These two were so hot together, and the heat between them was instant! From their very first interaction the sparks were flying, and I just knew that these this book was going to be one of the steamiest I have read! Tanner was struggling with losing his best friend, and I felt so bad for him. It was easy to see how close they had been and just how much he had cared about her. He was really lost and Beaux helped to give him a way to move forward with his life. These two might have had strong chemistry right from the start, but it took awhile for them to warm up to each other beyond just the attraction they felt. Beaux was feisty and determined, and I will admit that she wasn't my favorite right off. But the more I got to know about her and see, the more I started to like her. K. Bromberg is great at writing strong heroines that have so many sides to them, and Beaux Croslyn was definitely everything that I have come to know and love from her. I like that she could challenge Tanner and give just as good as she got, and I think that she was exactly what Tanner needed. 

Overall, this was another great book in the Driven world and I just love all these stories so much. K. Bromberg never disappoints, and I love that all the characters and stories are so different from one another. Though the characters are interconnected and you get to see familiar faces as the series continues, you really get so many different types of stories with each of these books. Tanner and Beaux's story was different than any of the rest of the books in the series considering their occupations and the situation they were in, and I loved it just as much as I have all the others. It was great to see Kristy deliver every bit of emotion and steam as she is known for, but to also see that she really can write anything she puts her mind to. Beaux and Tanner's story grabbed my attention right from the start, and I couldn't put it down. If you are a fan of Kristy's, you will love this book! But if you are new to her, this is a great place to start. I highly recommend this series, and I am really looking forward to whatever she writes in the future.

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  1. This series sounds really great, I'll definitely put it on my wish list.