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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ARC Review: Mad Love 2 by Colet Abedi

I have been waiting for what feels like forever to get the sequel to Mad Love by Colet Abedi. So when I heard that we were finally getting Mad Love 2, I could not have been more excited. Mad Love ended with a cliffhanger, and I needed to know what would happen for Clayton and Sophie. Mad Love 2 is the continuation of their story, and it does need to be read in order. So if you haven't already read Mad Love, there will be spoilers below. 

After her whirlwind romance in the Maldives with Clayton Sinclair, Sophie returns home broken hearted when she sees pictures of him with his ex-girlfriend splashed across the covers of magazines. So when her best friend lands her a job in the south of France, she views it as her chance to start the rest of her life. But upon arrival, Sophie finds out that things were too good to be true and is forced to face Clayton once again. The chemistry between them is as strong as ever, and soon Sophie finds herself unable to fight the feelings between them. But when a family tragedy happens, Clayton shuts her out and Sophie must make the choice between letting go of him once and for all, or fighting for a future together. 

I really loved Clayton and Sophie in Mad Love. The chemistry and connection between them is undeniable. Things between them happened very quickly, yet it always felt so real. Unfortunately for most of this book though they each drove me nuts. Sophie was a constant blubbering mess, and she came off as very weak here. There were a few times that she seemed to finally gain some strength, but it wasn't enough for me. Clayton was so hot and cold here, and I felt like he never really warmed up fully to Sophie. He did open up more here, but it still wasn't much. Plus to be honest he was way too controlling and acted like a jerk for the majority of this book. I just had trouble really seeing an actual relationship happening rather than just constant circling which would end up in them fighting and pushing each other away. It was mostly Clayton doing it here, but Sophie wasn't the best either. These two were just as hot together as ever, and that was the one place that they never struggled. But when it came to believing that these two had a real and believable relationship that felt steady and stable, I never did believe that here. 

Overall, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed here. I expected to feel better about Sophie and Clayton, and for the most part I would say that things were even more unstable in this book than they were in the first. I kept waiting for these two to finally come around and it just didn't ever really seem to get there. Though I did like some things about the ending, it still felt unfinished to me. It was definitely more of a happy for now with things still up in the air, than a finished series. I would have liked an epilogue or a few more chapters to really finish things off here. I also had some issues with the book itself when it came to the writing. There were several times that it would basically stop in the middle of something and switch to another time or location with no warning at all. It was disorienting and the transitions were almost non-existent. It really disrupted the flow of the story to have to try and figure out how in one paragraph Sophie and Clayton were together, yet the next Sophie was with someone else completely in another location or time. Those issues along with the characters and lack of development here were what unfortunately sealed the deal here for me. As much as I wanted this book to be as great as the first one and to give Sophie and Clayton the ending they deserved, I just never saw it and was left disappointed and wanting more. This one had so much promise and I really loved the first book, but this wasn't the ending that I had been hoping for or expecting.

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