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Friday, November 6, 2015

ARC Review: Wrapped in Lace by Prescott Lane

Wrapped in Lace is a sweet holiday standalone from Prescott Lane, and I enjoyed it a lot. Every once in awhile I am looking for a feel good type of story that you just can't help but be happy when you finish and this was that story for me. Though it does take place around Christmas and New Year's, it wasn't exactly a holiday story to me. This book really is a contemporary romance that is more about a second chance at love than it was about the holiday. I have to say that while it was nice to get a bit of holiday spirit here, I was so glad that it wasn't overdone and full of gimmicks. A lot of times holiday stories tend to just be cheesy and over the top for me, so it was really refreshing to read one that was done so well! 

After avoiding his hometown for the last six years, Drew finally agrees to return home for Christmas. Already knowing he will need the escape from his family, Drew sets out to find someone to occupy his time. But when he runs into a wannabe bad girl at a local bar, he never expects for it to be more than a temporary distraction. Drew soon realizes that Piper is so much more than a way to temporarily fill his time, and soon he is wondering how he can make it last. 

I really liked Piper and Drew. These two were so much fun to read about and I thought that they were great together. Piper was sweet and caring, and I loved that she was supportive of Drew. She was a good girl at heart, but I loved that she was fun and feisty and not afraid to speak her mind. This girl could hold her own, and I loved seeing her put Ellie in her place! Drew was such a great guy, and I felt so badly for how things had gone for him. I really didn't like a lot of his family for how some things had gone in his past and I didn't blame him one bit from staying away for so long. Frankly the way they treated him as though he was the one that needed to make an adjustment made me super angry. But I was so glad that Piper was able to help him move forward with his life, and I thought that she was exactly what he needed. These two had a great connection and a ton of chemistry, and I loved seeing their relationship grow over the course of this book. 

I will say that there were a few things that were predictable here, and while the story was good it didn't really break any new ground. But it was a very enjoyable read with likable characters and I felt good the entire time I was reading it. Heading into the holiday season, this book was exactly what I needed. It was a feel good story that brought just enough holiday cheer that I am starting to get in the spirit. If you are a fan of holiday romance stories, this is definitely one that you will want to check out. Prescott Lane is a very talented writer, and Wrapped in Lace was a great story. This won't be the last I read from her.

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