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Monday, February 29, 2016

ARC Review: To Have and To Master by Sparrow Beckett

To Have and to Master is the third book in the Masters Unleashed series from Sparrow Beckett. As much as I enjoyed the first two books in the series, this one just didn't quite get there for me. It felt completely different, and honestly didn't seem to fit this series at all. While there were a few moments that kink or BDSM came into the story, it was rare and wasn't that much of the actual book. This one was a miss for me unfortunately. 

Konstantin is tired of the girls he is used to dating and is finally ready to settle down. So he agrees to meet with a woman from Russia that his family knows and if things go well between them they will marry. Varushka has no experience with men, but upon meeting Konstantin is exactly what he is looking for. She is naturally submissive and brings a piece of Russia with her to the US. But Varushka is also completely unfamiliar with how things are done in the US and has a bit of a tough time adjusting. Just as she is making progress, her father begins to question Konstantin's past and threatens everything that they have been building together.

I think my biggest problem here was Varushka. She was likable enough and sweet, but honestly she was just too naive for me. I understood her having no experience with men and being in a foreign country, but I also just had a tough time going through this story with her being that clueless about things. Things were just too slow and Konstantin was constantly having to explain things, and it just got old. Konstantin was very good with her,a nd I loved the fact that he didn't push too hard or make her feel stupid. At the same time, I guess I expected him to be a bit more firm and Dominant because of the man he was. There wasn't as much heat here as I had been expecting either, which is a shame since the previous books had a great amount. 

Overall, this was my least favorite of the series and I just didn't connect with the characters like I did in the previous books. It wasn't a bad story, I think this one is probably just me not enjoying Varushka's overly naive personality. If you have enjoyed the previous books, I think that this is worth giving a chance. For me personally this just wasn't a favorite, but it won't stop me from reading more from Sparrow Beckett in the future.

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