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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

ARC Review: I Kissed a Rogue by Shana Galen

Shana Galen finally gives Sir Brook Derring his love story in I Kissed a Rogue. Since the first of this series, Brook has intrigued me since he plays such a key role in the other books. My high amount of anticipation was left on the curb with this ok book. I wasn't necessarily disappointed, but I wasn't impressed either.

The book begins with excitement, as Lady Lillian-Anne is kidnapped! It only makes sense that she is saved by Brook who basically is a private investigator. Though Derring is loathe to help Lila's family because of the way they treated him years ago, he still could not leave her to that fate.

Unfortunately this isn't just a quick rescue mission. The mastermind behind the abduction is still on the loose, and Lila is still at risk. Brook is then forced to marry Lila so as to better protect her by her father and the king. The marriage and keeping Lila safe force the two to spend a lot of time together. Enough time to possibly convince Brook that Lila has changed.

The story was a bit rushed. I really wanted more information on what had happened between Lila and Brook in the past, but when it was revealed it didn't say much. The motives for the abduction seemed far fetched once determined. The heat level was pretty high in comparison to Shana Galen's previous novels that I've read.

I Kissed a Rogue wasn't what I'd hoped it'd be. I would say that if you're invested in the series you don't want to miss it. Otherwise, I think you can take it or leave it. Not a very memorable read for me.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. I love Shana and can't wait to read ROGUE!! I wish I had an ARC of the book. Do you want to part with it? I collect and read them.

    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com <~~please let me know if you want to send me the ARC. Thanks!!