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Monday, February 29, 2016

ARC Review: Two to Wrangle by Victoria Vane

The fun continues in the second installment of the Hotel Rodeo Series, and it doesn’t get much sweeter. Two to Wrangle begins where Hell on Heels ended, with Ty Morgan and Monica Brandt trying to pick up the pieces after tragedy leaves them emotionally strangled in its wake. Amidst the sadness, can two very different souls find peace in one another? As a reader, I was beyond excited to see if it was possible! The chemistry between Ty and Monica has been sexy and explosive since the beginning.

As Monica comes to terms with her loss, she realizes just how much is at stake. Upon finding that the terms regarding her ownership of Hotel Rodeo have changed, she finds herself on a cliff facing the unknown. Unwilling to jump and take a risk, we see her questioning herself, and the truth behind Ty’s actions more often than not. Can she trust Ty? What about Evan who clearly wants her back? Furthermore, what is the motivation behind Evan’s blatantly mischievous business savvy? Will there more trouble in the future if Monica stays involved?

The twists keep on coming, yes they do! Once Ty and Monica realize belatedly that they either need to partner up, or jump ship, we really have no clue where the story is going. Ty needs financial stability, but Monica is fearful of defeat, deception, and heartbreak. She is confused, and it drove me crazy at times. I found myself mentally berating Monica, knowing that if I could meet her, I’d tell her to trust her heart. So naturally, watching her grow throughout the book and finally risk love was a whirlwind of frustration followed by giddy delight.

Then, there is Delaney. All I can say is, “Wow,” because she is one intriguing, unique character. She also wants a piece of Ty, and she has no qualms about the unusual deal she presents him with. Perhaps even more exciting is the knowledge that Delaney and Zac (Ty’s best friend) are the focus of the upcoming third installment. I am definitely going to be reading that next! Ultimately though, I just cannot get over what Delaney is currently after! Her addition to the bits and pieces of potential milestones in which Ty and Monica have to overcome couldn’t have worked out better.

My favorite aspect of this book though was Ty’s character development. While I truly enjoyed watching Monica come into her own, and take control, I loved Ty’s ability to leave everything on the table. Despite his misgivings involving commitment and love, he never gave up and he never sacrificed any part of himself in the process. The author gave us a strong female lead and an impossibly perfect hero in Ty to love, providing us as readers with a wonderful book to immerse ourselves in. Seeing how the story unfolds, experiencing Ty’s final play to win Monica as a partner in more ways than one gave me one hell of a happy ending to enjoy.

I loved seeing Monica stand up for herself. I loved seeing Evan being taken down a notch. I loved learning a bit more about Zac and Delaney. I loved learning about the potential for Hotel Rodeo and how our couple will make it a success. I loved the tender moments, the heated ones full of sexual ecstasy, and the ones full of sharp tongues with innuendo. More importantly, I loved both Monica and Ty. Even better, I cannot wait to see how their partnership will feed into the future novels, the other characters, and the ultimate fate of Hotel Rodeo!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. I'm enjoying the series, too. Look forward to see what happens when the focus shifts to Delaney in book three.

  2. I love love loved Zac and Delaney's book! I'm sending out a review today :) It releases tomorrow!