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Saturday, March 5, 2016

ARC Review: See You at Sunset by V.K. Sykes

This is my first book by this husband and wife writing team (an idea which I love). For me, this was a great introduction to these authors and to the Seashell Bay series of which this book is, I believe, #3 in the series.

I am not a small town romance reader. I love urban areas in real life and in my romance so the fact that I really like this book is a testament to the fact that it was pretty good.

See You At Sunset is a variation on the friends-to-lovers theme. The main characters were good friends who were attracted to each other. Well, to be more precise, Micah was experiencing a growing attraction to Holly, he had actually been in love with her for awhile. Holly was a little irritating in her inability to sort out her feelings. Micah kind of saved the day on the romance. He was my favorite sort of alpha man who is consistent even when his love interest is a quasi-flake.

I actually really liked Holly's back story. Holly returns to Seashell Bay to help her aunt after she has a panic attack (sort of an interesting emergency). I loved that Holly was so committed to her family. Even though she is on the verge of a bright new career, she dropped everything for her family and then realized that home is where the heart is and success is being loved. Ahhh, it really does warm the heart.

Micah's feelings for Holly go back in time but they've been friends and at one point Holly was married to someone else. Micah has been hesitant to do anything that would disrupt his friendship with Holly. Its pretty clear from the beginning of the book that won't last though. I loved that there was a mystery thrown in to the book to spice up Micah's eventual realization that it was time to move things forward with Holly.

Once Holly and Micah get together, I think you will really enjoy the romance. My favorite thing about the relationship was that Micah was looking to create something new with Holly. He didn't want to recreate what she had with her husband who passed away. The only weird thing about their relationship was that they didn't really date per se. They were together but not in an intentionally romantic way which was just kind of weird.

All in all this was a fun small town romance that I think you will enjoy.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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