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Monday, May 23, 2016

ARC Review: Touched by Love by Melissa Foster

Touched by Love is the sixth Remingtons book in the Love In Bloom series by Melissa Foster. Each book in this series is a standalone story, but all the characters are interconnected. I cannot recommend this series enough. Melissa Foster is one of my favorite authors, because she is so talented and she never lets me down. Her stories are the reason I read contemporary romance books. Each book is filled with love and sweetness, and enough steam to keep me captivated and turning the pages. 

Janie Jansen has worked hard to gain her independence. Being blind, she has spent her life proving that she is capable and strong. But when an accident changes everything, Janie is forced to give up some of her independence and accept help. Boyd Hudson has moved forward from his tragic past and works hard to achieve his dreams. Working several jobs and being close to his dream of attending medical school, Boyd has steered clear of relationships. But when Boyd comes to Janie's rescue, the attraction between them turns into something more. Just when Janie starts to heal, Boyd's past comes back and threatens to ruin everything. Can each of them find a way to heal and move forward together, or will there be too many obstacles standing in their way? 

I really loved these characters. Once again Melissa Foster has written such unique and different characters that have a ton of depth to them. Janie might be blind, but that wasn't all she was. I loved that her disability didn't define her. She was strong and independent and she worked hard to earn that. Boyd worked hard as well, and I loved his dedication to his dreams. He was determined and you could really tell just how much it meant to him to achieve his dreams. I really felt connected to these two, and I think part of that was because of the connection that they were building together. They had a ton of chemistry right from the start, but their relationship took time and healing on both of their parts. There was more to them than met the eye, and I think we really got to see these two get to know one another beyond what you first see and I think that is what made them so special. They each had a lot to overcome, and we really got to experience that with them as a couple as well as individually.

Overall, another great installment in this series. Each book is a standalone like I said, but I do recommend reading the entire series. Not only are they great books, but I love how we get to see each of these characters and how they are all connected. As I said before, Melissa Foster is a great writer and if you are a fan of contemporary romance books she is definitely one that you need to be reading! She doesn't disappoint, and I really love how her stories are filled with family and friends as well as love. She takes the time to really build a story with a ton of depth and each one is different than her previous books. There aren't many authors that have as many books out as Melissa Foster that each one feels completely new and fresh, but she does it every time! I really feel like her stories just continue to get better, and I can't wait to read whatever she writes next.

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  1. Lovely review! Thank you for hosting TOUCHED BY LOVE today!

    Crystal, Tasty Book Tours

  2. Great!! I have plenty more books for you to read :-)
    Thank you for being such a supportive and loyal fan. What an amazing review XOXO