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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

ARC Review: Until June by Aurora Rose Reynolds

I am a huge fan of Aurora Rose Reynolds, so I couldn't wait to read Until June. This book is a standalone, but if you are a fan of her Until series you will recognize some familiar faces as that series is connected to the Until Her and Until Him series. This book was a bit different than ARR's other books that I have read as it was a second chance romance. I am a huge fan of the BOOM with her, but it was nice to see her do something else as well and I really liked this book. 

June Mayson and Evan Barrister had a whirlwind romance that ended in them getting married. They didn't tell anyone that they knew, and planned to share their relationship when he returned from his deployment. But instead of Evan returning to June, she was served with divorce papers and left with a broken heart. So when she moves, the last thing she expects is to run into Evan. Though Evan believed he wasn't good enough for June, he is determined to win her back. But can June forgive him and let go of all the pain he caused her and give him another chance? 

I liked June and Evan a lot. It was clear right away that these two had so much love between them and that it had never gone away. I really felt for both of them, and for completely different reasons. I hated that June had been hurt, and what was worse is that she didn't even get the closure she should have had because Evan didn't end their relationship himself. But I also really felt for Evan because he truly believed that he wasn't good enough for her and that broke my heart. Their connection and chemistry was so strong that I knew they had to find a way back to one another. These two were the perfect match, and I couldn't imagine them not being together. 

I will say though that this book felt a little anti-climactic. There were several things that I think could have brought more conflict, but they all sort of resolved themselves and just worked out without much happening. I kept waiting for the big conflict and it just never really happened. I also felt (and I can't believe I am saying this!) that at times there was just too much sex. I am all for steamy books, but unfortunately things got a bit redundant here and it felt like that was all that was happening and it was all the same. I found myself skimming the sex scenes to get back to the dialogue to see what would happen next. I did really love these two together though, and it was great to see familiar faces. If you are a fan of ARR's you will enjoy this one, and if you are new to her books this is one that is worth the read. I do think that these are best if read in order though, starting with the Until series and then reading Until Jax and Until July. You do get some insight and backstory on these characters that I think makes this book even more enjoyable though it isn't necessary. I am already anxious for the next installments in each of the Until Him and Until Her series from Aurora Rose Reynolds and I highly recommend her books.

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