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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ARC Review: The Drifter by

I did not like anything about the pages of this book that I read. Nothing. I felt like the author was going for something really deep and dramatic but it seemed to me like a lot of words that didn't convey whatever actual emotion was supposed to be conveyed.

First, the issue that drives Kray out of his home just didn't move me. I didn't identify with his relationship with Rory and I didn't really get the depth of emotion regarding the separation. The couple seems really really young to have the kind of intense connection that is being depicted. I also didn't really understand the issue with Kray's Father or why he set out to destroy his entire life. None of it made sense to me.

By the time Rory and Kray meet up as adults, Kray is a vagrant who hangs out with an old hooker and Rory is a wealthy executive. I was still trying to hold on to the story until Rory becomes obsessed with getting this random vagrant (who is of course Kray) she meets on the street to sing for her. Kray knows that Rory has stumbled on him because he still remembers her from their teenage years and is still in love with her. And oh yeah, Kray has not had sex with anyone since Rory. And it was just all too ridiculous. Add to all of this the fact that the writing just tells you what to feel instead of drawing you into the story and this was one book that I just could not get myself to keep turning the pages on.

Maybe you can get past the 20% mark and this will be for you but it wasn't for me and I had to just cut my losses.

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