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Saturday, July 16, 2016

ARC Review: Scarlet by Aria Cole

Sometimes when it comes to reading a book, the book can be a victim of timing. In this case, it just so happens that this book landed on my read list at the same time as a similar short story. I tell you that because reading two books with similar characters might effect my thoughts on those books. So when you read this review and my review that is up for tomorrow on Holding His Forever, consider that I might have just overloaded on super intense alpha males. It might have been too much for me but you might enjoy this book more than my three star rating.

Let me give you a quick rewind. In this book, Cole is giving us updates on a familiar fairy tale theme. This book is a twist on Little Red Riding Hood. Beau is the big bad wolf....I think. Scarlet is, of course, Red. Scarlet is at home to spend time with her sickly Grandmother when she encounters Beau. Scarlett is an innocent red head who has not had much experience with life or sex. From the minute Scarlett meets Beau, she is captivated by him and vice versa.

The reason I enjoyed this book is because, as you know, I'm nasty. This book gave me all the smoking hotness that I could ask for. Even though Scarlett is an innocent virgin at first, the sex was very sexy. The reason my rating of this book isn't higher is because I honestly thought i missed a couple of pages at some point. The book is short but Beau goes from being a stranger to Scarlet to being seriously obsessed and in love in no time. I just did not get the intensity of Beau's feelings for Scarlet developing when he knows almost nothing about her. I also felt like some of the scenes were so over the top, they were kind of silly. Before Beau and Scarlet sleep together for the first time, their interludes, while steamy, just seemed like too much. For as over the top as Beau was, Scarlet is equally over the top in her wide eyed innocence. I just really didn't get how Beau thought someone like Scarlet was his abosolute soul mate after like two minutes of knowing her. Lastly, I was really wondering what happened to poor Grandma after Scarlet got into Beau. She was dickmatized to the point that Granny became a non-factor.

I had fun with this short book. I definitely found it entertaining but there isn't much of a story and you might not necessarily follow the relationship between the couple.

**ARC provided by Ardent PRose**

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