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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

ARC Review: Serving Trouble by Sara Jane Stone

Serving Trouble is the first book in the Second Shot Series by Sara Jane Stone. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone story. I have really enjoyed books by Sara Jane Stone before, and I was excited to start this new series of hers. I love a good second chance romance story as well as a best friend's little sister book, but while I liked this one I didn't love it. 

Five years after leaving, Josie Fairmore returns home to look for a job. Suffering from a loss and a ton of debt, Josie is forced to turn to the one man she wishes she didn't have to. He is the same man who gave her one amazing night and then left her behind, also known as her brother's best friend Noah Tager. Noah is home from serving overseas as a Marine, and managing his dad's bar. Noah is determined to get a second chance with Josie, and Josie is determined to protect herself from Noah this time around. But when trouble shows up and Josie is caught up in it, Noah will do whatever it takes to protect her and show her that they are worth taking a chance on. 

Noah and Josie had both been through so much. Each of them had a lot that they had been put through, and they were still suffering because of that. Josie was a fighter though, and I admired her strength. Same with Noah, he had seen so much and was still living with it even after returning home. I thought that these two were great for each other and I really believed that together they were even stronger and could help heal one another. They had chemistry and history, and I liked that even though they were different people than they had been they still fit one another and had a connection to one another.

While I liked them though, I had trouble believing that these two went from having one night together and some history to being fully in love. It felt like something was missing, and it wasn't entirely realistic. I just couldn't see how they got to be where they were, and I wanted to see them really develop that relationship and there just wasn't enough shown here for me to buy into them fully. There also were times that my interest just wasn't held here, and I found myself wanting to either put the book down or skim through and because of that I just didn't love it. It was an okay story and there were things I liked, but there wasn't really anything new or memorable here. I do think that if this sounds like one you are interested in reading, that it is worth the chance. While I didn't love it, it was still a good story and there was a lot to like here.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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