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Sunday, July 10, 2016

ARC Review: His Fantasy Bride by Nina Croft

I don't remember the last time a heroine got on my nerves as much as Gabby. If you can deal with all the things I'm about to tell you about why I really did not like Gabby, this might be an ok book for you. It's got a pretty interesting plot, it's fast moving and it's got some decent sex scenes. But just Gabby uggggggh.

Ok so Gabby is Vito's runaway fiance. She abandoned him the night before their wedding and 6 months later, Vito wants answers. From the very first encounter between Vito and Gabby, I had the sense that one or both of them was going to step all over my nerves. I don't know how much I should tell you so here is your warning that this might be very slightly spoily. But the first time Gabby and Vito are reunited, one would think Vito would be focused on getting the answer as to why Gabby left him damn near at the altar but nope. Instead, the two, who had not previously had sex, decide that the reunion would be a prime time to break the seal on that situation. I just couldn't deal with it. I mean you find out that the person you thought you loved and you were going to spend your life with lied about dang near everything and that doesn't piss you off enough to effect your libido? I guess that's possible. Maybe it's like my appetite for Oreos? Like no matter what happens, I can eat Oreos. But if Oreos broke my heart and made a fool out of me, I think that would give me pause. Wait....what were we talking about?

Things don't get better. The actual reason that Gabby got involved with Vito and then left him just made me mad. Like, I think the author meant it to be something really deep but it actually didn't make sense to me. And then, as soon as Gabby got involved with Vito she decided to abandon the "plan" but she didn't abandon Vito. Now, I think that's because her feelings for him were real but she refused to admit that to herself and later to him.

After Vito finds Gabby and they start redeveloping their relationship with Gabby being more of who she really is, I really got irritated. Gabby could have told Vito the truth right away but instead she strings him along for weeks. I still can't understand why Gabby kept lying. But in the end, that's what completely turned me off about this book. Gabby was lying through the entire book. When she finally comes clean and Vito is justifiably angry, she trys to blame him for being angry. I was just too through with her.

I actually want to try the other books in this series. We get introduced to some of the other characters and this writers writing makes me want to get their stories. This book, however, just really annoyed me.

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