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Saturday, October 8, 2016

ARC Review: Broken by Lisa Edward

Ok, I'm really not sure how I feel about this book. My emotions range between thinking it was pretty good to just a total WTF experience. There is some unexpected stuff in this book and I just didn't see it coming. Also, what happened wasn't what I signed up for. I felt like I started reading one book and ended up reading another. And the book i ended up reading was not one I wanted to be reading. I finally settled on 3 stars because the writing is good, the romance was sincere and I think contemporary romance fans who like emotional stuff will enjoy this.

I'm the daughter of a minister (yeah yeah, it's true) so reading about a sexually oppressed preacher's wife was a good hook for me. Evie is said wife. She tried to stick it out in a very stiff, lacking in love marriage but it just wasn't working. The straw that broke the tepid marriage's back was the fact that for whatever reason she and the preacher didn't have any kids. Even as Evie is deciding to walk away from her marriage, her husband is arguing about appearances and not about love. So needless to say, Evie has a hole in her heart that could use filling. 

Enter Adam. When we first met Adam, I thought he was so honest. He is a super sweet romantic hero. He even has a faithful dog and a British accent. What could go wrong. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO ASK? All I can tell you is that Adam is in the Hamptons getting away just like Evie is. Adam's reasons for getting away are much different. I should have a heart, and I do. Somewhere. But instead of feeling sympathetic towards Adam, I found myself kinda wanting to punch him the longer he went on without sharing his secret with Evie. (No cheating, it's not that type of party). The secret that Adam is keeping, in my opinion, prevents a genuine connection from forming between Adam and Evie. As a result, I never really got into the relationship between these two, I just couldn't. So I spent a whole life feeling like the author was telling me about something that I wasn't actually experiencing. 

I can't really explain to you just how much the end of this book bothered me without spoiling it. What I can tell you was this, the author suddenly decides to tie up all these issues and I did not like or understand the resolution. I did not believe that the two characters described by the author in the book would behave the way they did at the end of the book. I also felt like the resolutions were a little shallow. There were some things that really required more explanation and it just didn't happen. So I ended the book feeling a little dissatisfied. I hope I am explaining things well. This was not a bad book. What happened was that there were character issues that turned into plot issues. By the end, I just wasn't into the romance.

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