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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

ARC Review: A Matter of Time by Margaret Locke

Eliza James wants to find love, and she truly doesn't feel like she's going to find it in the twenty first century. Luckily for her, her best friend, Cat, has discovered she can write stories and they can magically become reality. Cat and Eliza don't really think it will work, but Cat writes a story where Eliza time travels back to Regency England to find love.

Deveric Mattersly thinks he is dreaming when he arrives to an odd ball. He meets a mysterious woman (Eliza) who kisses him and they land back in his study with the woman in his arms. Against his normal character he lies and claims she's an American relation who needs his family's help. His mother is very suspicious and believes Eliza is after her son and his dukedom.

Surprisingly, Eliza doesn't fit in as well as she'd hoped in Regency England. Despite reading Jane Austen's books several times, she can't quite control her way of speaking and she misses things like Facebook and pizza. There is an attraction between Deveric and Eliza, but Cat made it so that the Happily Ever After wasn't a "for sure" thing. Both parties have the freedom of mind to choose another way of life.

Deveric is dealing with his past demons that are completely ridiculous, but he is a man and men sometimes blame themselves for silly things. I was a little frustrated with Eliza for not adopting the Regency lifestyle and rules since that's what she wanted when she traveled back in time for it. Despite this (which no one can ever be perfect or there would be no conflict) the budding romance between the two is very compelling.

Margaret Locke really had an interesting idea when writing these books. I love the power that Cat has that has enabled the possibility of time travel. Her writing flows smoothly and I finished it relatively quickly. I highly suggest reading this book and its predecessor because it's so unique. I loved that and felt it was refreshing.

**ARC provided by Author**

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