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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ARC Review: Sin's Temptation by Evie Harrison

Sin's Temptation is the first book in the Erotic Intentions series by Evie Harrison. This standalone story is only about 85 pages long, and was a very quick and sexy read. There was a ton of steam and Jordan was all alpha. If you are looking for a fast read and plenty of heat, this is one you should check out. 

Jordan is a successful man after inventing one of the world's most popular sex toys. He doesn't do commitment and doesn't believe in marriage. But everything changes when he meets Natalie. Jordan quickly realizes that he will do whatever it takes to not only make her his, but keep her forever.

I have to admit I wasn't Jordan's biggest fan. He rubbed me wrong a bit in the beginning and it was hard to get past some of that. There was a ton of heat between these two, and I thought that they were super sexy together, but honestly that was it for me. I didn't believe their connection as it was so instant that it was impossible for me to buy into. They had just met and things were just too over the top to be even remotely plausible.

I think that if you judge this book for the sex and steam alone, it is worth the read. But if you are looking for any bit of substance here, you might want to skip this one. While I do appreciate the heat, I need a bit more to truly enjoy a story and this one just didn't get me there in the short amount of pages that was.

**ARC Provided by Ardent PRose**

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